Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There are other people who have it a lot worse

It's Tuesday and Gelare is having it's half price deal. So we decided to have our dinner there. I ended school at 3.45pm. I was kinda upset cos my PD tutor knew we were wasting our time in school but she refused to dismiss us. I have friends from other classes where their teachers dismissed us before 3.45pm but I was afraid to tell her lest I implicate the other classes. I should totally have skipped school that day. But anyway, rushed to Woodlands to meet Pantita Hongye and Jiajun and had Gelare for dinner. I was so sad when I realised that Gelare removed their Green Tea flavoured ice cream!!! It's like the best flavours out of everything they have and they removed it! How could they?! So I decided on Cookies and Cream which is their next best flavour, with waffles, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Met Sheela and Maria afterwards and they said they saw Dee Kosh at Uniqlo. HAHA, Pan wanted to see him and we managed to take photos with him! I mean I hate to say this but he's kinda soft. And what I mean by soft is that it's just a better word for gay...But it doesn't concern me so it's alright. Sheela and Maria went downstairs to eat Marbleslab, but I had to rush home cos Mom wasn't pleased with me meeting Pan every single day and staying out late eventhough I have school the next day. I know she's worried I might not get enough sleep and affect my health. Yeah I really know she meant well but I really hate it when she calls me and scold me over the phone. I will really listen to her if she talked to me nicely. I tend to rebel when she tell me what not to do. Sighs, that's how I get into trouble all the time. But anyway, it was a relatively short day for me but at least I got to see Pan. :)

Hongye with his fruit waffle!

Jiajun and Hongye
Pan and Dee Kosh
Dee Kosh and I

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