Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haha, rasyidah monkey!
went to watch movie at 3pm,
bought popcorns and drinks.
we were joking around about 30cents, haha.
Rasyidah thought PG is Pornography, but it is parental guidance.
OMG, haha.
watched Mall Cop,
saw many people.
Saw sahidah and pulled her shirt, lol.
Then she pulled mine back!
haha, then saw jingyee.
She watched the same movie as me.
The cop was dumbfuck.
haha, rasyidah keep saying that.
haha, but he's a stupid hero man.
damn funny.

went to chat chat, because we're not hungry.
and i see farhan's face as a target man.
I feel like hitting his face everytime.
chatchat, then suddenly i feel hungry.
so went to pizzahut and eat.
lol, we put alot of pepper in farhan's mushroom soup because he was on the phone.
then we played with cheese!
then we wanted to go home,
at exactly 6.35pm(we counted down), we walked away, pretending that we dont know one another.
Damn stupid, then we keep bumping each other.
That's all,
i saw Qianwen and her friend, hannah:D

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