Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I thought I knew you, now I know I couldn't have been more wrong

So I rushed down to town to have dinner with Pan after training, in my sports attire again. Hahaha, met Minghwee at Yio Chu Kang mrt station and we took the train together to Somerset together. So nice of him to come out eventhough he's sick. Marz joined us awhile afterwards and I persuaded her to wear her school attire here cos if not I'll look really weird and underdressed hanging out with people who are all dressed up for town. So Minghwee Kianshen Pan and I went to the basement at 313 @ Somerset to find some food cos I'm famished and Marz joined us shortly after she ended school. It was kinda troublesome, yet fun cos Minghwee can't eat fried spicy and oily food. So we all just kept tempting him. HAHA, he settled with salad in the end at SUMO SALAD. Not too bad. I ate Meesiam with warm milk tea (the person didn't tell me there was a cold one) and two kaya toast. I'm not sure why but I just felt exceptionally hungry that day! I kept eating and eating. I finished all my food myself and still stole a bit of fried chicken from Marz and salad from Minghwee and Pan. Woah, me is fat...NOT. I told myself that these 12 days I spend with her shall be like YOLO days where I will not restrict her from having fun and indulging just cos I wanna follow my diet strictly. So I indulge and have fun with her too. That's prolly the reason why I spent so much. HAHA

Minghwee and Kianshen then brought us to Mount Faber. I've never been there before. In fact I've never been alot of places in Singapore before, so I'm kinda like a mountain turtle. We alighted at Habourfront and took two cabs there. It wasn't very expensive. Anyway I think it would be really fun to walk up the hill as well! Just that it will be really tiring. The view at the top was simply beautiful, with the cable cars lighted up with decorated lights. Just really stunning I was so loss for words. Marz and I promised to visit there someday again. Took a few pictures and I was so tempted to write on the love blessing tree (not sure what's the exact name for it HAHA so I made that up). Pan and I rang the bell together as well. It means that Pan and I will never part from each other. It's supposedly meant for couples, but oh well. HAHA. Walked to the Henderson Waves after that. That place is really beautiful as well!!! Pan did her Oppa Gangnam Style on Socialcam there. HAHA, it's so fun. It's like she can throw her face in SG and it won't matter since she's going back to Bangkok anyway. Pan said she'll be staying over at her hotel alone that night, so I asked my Mom if I could stay over at her hotel but she refused cos Dad would be furious, which is rather confusing cos Dad is an understanding man. So I phoned Dad and he agreed provided I go to school the next day. I said no problem. Then I called Mom and told her that Dad agreed to let me stay over but she was even more angry. I thought it was just her ego. But anyway, I would have rebelled cos Mom was being really rude to me over the phone eventhough I talked to her nicely. Xinlerk managed to persuade me to go home and made sure Mom won't scold me. And yes, she is THAT persuasive. Mom didn't say a single word when I reached home. I was really sad that I wasn't able to stay over cos I persuaded Eugene to stay over with us, then in the end I couldn't make it. Siannn, but it's alright. I kinda thank God I wasn't there. Ok, only Pan will understand this. HAHA, best friend language.

Pan endorsing the New iPad

I was so underdressed for town in my sports attire,
Photobomb! HAHA
Me, KS and Pan
Poor Minghwee had salad for dinner



According to the story of The Jewel Box,  two person who rings the bell together will stay with each other forever.  It's supposedly for couples, but they didn't say it is not applicable for bestfriends so we rang it. HAHA

I'm in love with this tree.

At the Henderson Waves

Couldn't join them for the overnight, so here are the photos of them for me to envy, in a way.

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