Thursday, November 22, 2012

Come what may

Last Tuesday, I met up with Maria in the late afternoon to go catch Ah Boys To Men the movie but it was all fully booked and the only time slots left were 9pm plus. We weren't worried about the transport, our only concern was my Mom. Ugh, I have no idea why my Mom just became stricter with my curfews all of a sudden. In fact, I used to not have curfews at all. Chh, this just makes me more rebellious. Anyway, I caught the movie anyway eventhough my Mom wanted me to be home by 10pm, and we watched it all the way at Shaw House. The popcorn was really good! And the movie was awesome, eventhough it got delayed at the start. Before the movie, Marz and I went to Fareast Plaza cos she wanted to get boots for herself. And we found this really good food store that sells some really cool fried stuffs. The fish and fries were really good, and they sell fried mars balls too! (I just realized today that NYNY sells them too but I've yet to try and compare which is better, but the one at Fareast is alot cheaper.)

Finally changed my belly stud

Our ootd

So I went back to school last Wednesday with a heavy, heavy heart. I can literally feel my face turning pale cos I was really dreading the promo results. I haven't thought of any back up plan if I were to retain and stuffs, cos I can't retain. I would be too much of a disappointment if I did. The principal's talk was a mood killer cos the stats basically showed how badly we performed. It didn't help make me feel better at all, then came the moment I was really dreading yet looking forward to at the same time.

After getting back all my papers, I can safely say I met the criteria to be promoted. I was kinda worried for my GP cos I was never really good in English since sec school, but I think I did ok for that paper. And by ok, I mean I passed. LOL then there's chemistry and maths, which I failed terribly. And I passed the rest of my papers. I must say my tuition for Biology and Economics really helped me big time. Oh, that reminds me, I have yet to thank my tuition teacher. 

Somehow, I have mixed feelings upon receiving my results. I don't know if anyone can relate this. But once, I told Pantita that even if I score damn well for Olevels, and I see her doing badly, I won't be happy. It was true, and I don't know how else to describe that. Ok, you'll understand when you understand ok. (this sentence makes SO much sense, ikr chh)

Thankfully there wasn't any training after school that day so Xinyi Vivian and I went over to Weisze's house to play A Game of Risk. 

I had work from Thursday to Saturday so I skipped school. I was supposed to work on Sunday as well but I didn't cos it was my Grandparents' birthday. I was working at Expo as Canon Printer promoter and the sales was so bad, prolly cos people knew there was gonna be Sitex show next week that's why. In that 3 days, I only managed to sell 10 printers and it's fucking pathetic. I met this mixed Thai-Portuguese girl called Giselle. What a small world, cos she's a setter in St Hildas volleyball team! She found me familiar and asked me if I played volleyball, apparently she recognized me cos she thought xinlerk and I were twins. HAHAH, Singapore is TINY. Anyway, she was selling canon ink cartridges and she earned more money in 2 days than me in 3 days. FUCK. It was nice chatting with her though, I hope she gets to work at the same booth as Maria and I on Sitex show this coming Thurs! She makes work less boring. Oh and I also got approached by two companies to ask to be promoters. One was as a door knocker, but the timing and venue was easy and flexible. Another was as Delphin product promoter, the commission for selling one is $45. They guaranteed that I can earn 1K in 4 weekends. But currently I'm quite happy with my job, so maybe next time when I have more time I'll take up (prolly) ALL these jobs HAHAHA, cos I'm so greedy.

Pao came to fetch me from work on Friday and we had food from the food fair at East Coast Park. We just sat by the beach and ate our food, apparently a cockroach came to join us in our feasting. LOL nice ride home in his car from ECP, and I think we owe it to "Karen" who guided the way throughout. HAHAHA

Had birthday lunch at The Pines Clubhouse (not Hotel, LOL my bad) to celebrate Gramps' and lil bro's birthday. It completely slipped my mind that his birthday was the next day! Anyway the food was ok only, cos the dishes were slightly different from usual. From what I see, cheaper. We used to eat more atas food and at more high class hotel lah. I would take pictures of all the dishes, but I didn't cos to be honest, I'm not very comfortable with my paternal side family. And I made a wrong choice to sit beside my Grandma cos I feel so fucking pressurized. And I suck at table etiquette. I used my hand to take a pie for her, and I took prawns for her without peeling chh. Not everyone turned up for this lunch as well. Normally we would have one table for teens and the other for adults, but this time we all squeezed in one table, and even the maid joined us. Had disgusting chocolate spongecake for dessert. All in all, I think it was pretty bad. LOL but the steamed prawns were heaven.

My ootd, first time wearing a long skirt and I'm loving it.

Got back to school on Monday and got back my result slip plus some news regarding our class. Sighs, sucks to be in a chapalang class. But anyway, I felt incredibly lonely in school. Thankfully my classmates are really nice people. Had fish & co with half of the class girls while the other girls went to eat Ajisen. And it was only then that I realise that there's half price meal at Ajisen every third monday of the month!!! HOW CAN I NOT KNOW THAT WHEN IM IN LOVE WITH AJISEN?! Had training after school till really late so I decided to skip the last day of school on Tuesday and just attend training.

Before training on Tuesday, I met up with Maria (again right I know HAHA) to go Fareast to paint our nails for only $5!

And finally today, I attended CDP (some sandcastle building shit in school) at East Coast Park. I'm so fucking proud of myself for attending, but at the same time I feel totally stupid cos it was a big big waste of my time and it made me grew even tanner! :( I did contribute to building the sandcastle ok, my class's design was Batman to suit the theme of A Courageous Journey. Bonded with a few of my classmates, thankfully cos at least I had someone to eat lunch with. Ahhh pathetic, HAHAHA. Had a few gossip sessions too. Here are some pictures to prove my contributions to the sandcastle building LOL

I was hopping around to help apply pressure to the sand, it was tiring ok!!!
Looking awfully retarded while doing a silly hopping dance

I was carving the other eye of the Batman

And I met Pao for a movie just now. Watched Pitch Perfect and he's so determined to set up a musical HAHAHAH. Surprisingly I didn't know most songs they were singing, and he knew. AND HE'S GONNA READ THIS POST SO...


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