Saturday, November 19, 2011

Save me from the wait and hurt.

WOOHOO, I'm at Albert's house right now. Kay I feel weird when I say I'm at Albert's house because it's also Kas' house. LOL THEY'RE SIBLINGS DEY! Anyway, had W2F8 outing today. But before that, I went to meet Sheela at 10.30am at cwp. We initially planned to cut and dye our hair at the salon at Marsiling. Cutting hair only cost $5, so we thought dying our hair wont be that expensive as well. But turned out it cost $60 for my hair length and $45 for Sheela's hair length. Was kinda disappointed tho, because we were dying to dye our hair before the class camp. But then again, we obviously had an alternative solution. We decided to buy hair dye from Sheng Siong Supermarket. So we went to cut hair first and eventho my hair feels healthier and looks better now, but it's so short! :( it used to be over my boobs, and when i bend my head backwards, it can touch my butt. But now it's just touching my boobs, aiya it's just damn sad. Nevermindddd, hair can grow. I cut v-style for my hair. Then went to buy our hair dyes at the supermarket. I bought this erm, milk tea colour I think, while Sheela bought this kinda reddish kind. Headed back to my house to dye our hair, was freaking excited. OH BTW WE BOUGHT THE LIESE HAIR DYE. We didnt know how to use it at first, it's like when we put it on our hair, there's no freaking foam and it didnt turn out to be like those in advertisement and stuffs. Massage our head until muscle ache siah, we were panting. LOL, but we soon got the hang of it afterwards. Waited half an hour in the living room for the foam to take effect on our hair, LOL honestly the suspense was killing us. SHEELA KEPT PESTERING ME FOR THE TIME LEFT. LOL, finally washed our hair after 30mins. We were choking like mad, the smell was super strong. Not smelly, but it's to chemical-ly. Kinda sick. HAHAH. I LOVE MY HAIR NOW. It's my first time dying la, but i think the outcome is greaaaaaat. I love it, except for the fact that it's short :( fineeee, forget it. LOL.

Currently at Albert's/Kas' house now. Accompanied Chaoz to meet his friends at cwp cos I was lonelyyyy, and didnt know where to go. HAHAHA awkward la, but at least watching them is more interesting than walking around cwp alone. In case you're wondering why I'm alone in cwp, I was waiting for Pantita to go to bert's house. LOL. Well, eventually I HAD to walk aimlessly around cwp alone, but not for long. SADNESS, I just realised I havent finish reading my MIND YOUR BODY since ytd. Argh, it's past 12am now, so it should be ytd ytd. DAAAMMNNNN. I'm a lazy pig. But I will finish reading it, no worries. I'm really intrigued by our human body. DO YOU KNOW? That frequent dental visits can reduce the risk of heart diseases? OMG RIGHT, our body is seriously amazing I sweeeaaarrrr. And I also read abit about losing balance and stuffs. I have this very bad habit of skipping cheem and difficult words. That made me miss out words like the name of the illness/diseases and the medicine name. ARGH, like this how I show off my knowledge. LOLOL, i'll keep going like "the dont know what peripheral system illness." argh. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway we watched a video made specially for Pantita Tangchaiyawong. HAHAHA, luckily they didnt spell her name wrongly. LOL, awww. MY BESTFWENZSX. HAHAH. Then we headed to Astons at SSC, first time eating it hehehe. NOT BAD LEH, it's not that expensive. And they dont charge GST and service charges. WHICH IS GOOD because those charges always cause the total costs of the meal to be waaaay more expensive than expected. what's more we will have to split the charges, troublesome much. ANYWAY IT WAS PAN'S TREAT! She's obviously touched by the efforts of W2F8 to plan a farewell celebration for her. AWWW, btw, I NOMNOM love the teeshirt! I will definitely wear it out, proud to be the "WANT TO FIGHT CLIQUE". LOVE YOU ALL BROS AND SIS!

I've been going out alot lately. One of the more significant event would be these few, and the primary school gathering with my ex-classmates at Jack's Place @ Civic Centre. Apparently it's MingGui's treat, he's obviously some rich ass la. I was actually the first one to reach, awkward...but luckily Suqi reached not long after me and I'm the only one talking and trying to break the icy cold silence ok! Junjie came afterwards, and cos I talked too much, he said I'm irritating :( HEYYYY, honestly, if I didnt talk, it will be so awkward because nobody is talking! Well anyway it's kinda boring cos Suqi and I were the only girls. WHAT MAN, what happened to girl power! HAHAHA, so the guys that went were Junjie, Richard, Yongxiang, Sakthi, Shawn, Weehow. Aiya whatever, I dont really know some of the guys from diligent. Anyway I ordered steak, HAHAHA. First time I eating steak until so highclass la okay! I dont even know how to hold the fork and knife properly, and they had to constantly remind me to stop licking the gravy on my knife. But I dont really like the taste of the steak, guess I'm really not highclass enough for good food la. LOL. Junjie ordered medium rare for me, it tastes abit bitter. I tried to say funny stuffs to them to break the ice but I end up being the only one laughing at my own jokes, while the rest of them just shot me dash-dot-dash looks. How sadddd. I remembered Benjamin Hwang was even more childish than me man, why so mature now? All the boring people. LOL, but whatever la. I was kinda embarrassing there anyway but it was fun. Met them at 12pm and left at 3pm+ to prepare for training at ajc only to know that it was cancelled when I reached home. So I decided to join my girls at town to watch HAPPY FEET 2! Omg the movie was awesome! You guys have to watch it! LOL.

I was getting all annoying and naggy cos I didnt get to eat Yami Yoghurt or drink Starbucks at Orchard. But we all decided to alight at Yishun to buy Starbucks then take the bus home. YAAAAY, i finally tried Caramel Frappucino. I love it, it tastes like cappucino and apparent IT IS CAPPUCINO. LOL, I love cappucino and I think it's the only type of coffee that I like, for now. LOL. My neighbour bought packet cappucino for us, and I finished the original flavour, leaving only the hazelnut. But both taste as good! :D

RIGHTTTT, I'm gonna join the remaining W2F8 in the living room. HAHAH, ciaoooo. I'm going for class camp in a few hours time. GAHHH.

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