Friday, October 23, 2009

School's great nowadays. Haha, Ms Low and Ms Joyce gave us many games to play. That time we played 'Homophones' and 'Taboo' during English lessons and Ms Joyce let us play 'Pass the bomb' and 'The Expressions Game'. I aced at the Taboo. Pass the bomb was fantastic, grouped with Runfa, Alison and Xiaojun, WE WON (eventhough someone keep copying our words) ! Haha. We got prizes from Ms Joyce and if you wanna know what prize we got, take a look at our bags. We hung our prizes in our bags. Haha, damn cool i tell you.

haha, anw went to watch SISTER's KEEPERS with Eunice today. Lunch with Jiajing at Mac. Chatted alot. Yea, stubborn as usual, I have no regrets doing what I had done. :D So peace'yall. Took the train to AMKhub, and I keep saying bus. Lol, got used to saying bus i think. Eunice told me lots of things, not secrets la. Secrets are meant to be secrets, I wont want to know if it cant be told.

Sister's Keepers is nice, for those movie-freaks out there. It's touching, k eventhough i never cry, but Eunice cried, alot of times. Haha, k i feel so heartless, cos it's really touching. The story is about a girl who is born to donate her body parts to her sister who have leukemia. The donating-of-bodyparts started when she was just born, without the child's consent. And in 11 years, the child undergone 8 surgeries. Finally at 11 years old, the child thought she had enough. She found a lawyer and sued her mother, but she was unwilling to mouth the real reason for suing her mother. Yea, so watch to find out, cos I'm not telling you! haha.

It was fun watching movie with Eunice, my first time going out with her. Lol, she introduced a new seaweed cracker to me, so nice. But i'm not addicted to it, I'm more addicted to Durian Ice Blend. Haha, so sad, only the shop near my house got sell. Haha. & I saw Wenxuan, warned him not to steal Ziwei away from me at FFS.

Got back our results on Wednesday, Streaming Talk. Brought my father along, he was so uninterested that he brought his own Sudoku book to do. Lol, and Runfa keep annoying my father. After the Streaming Talk, I went to Mdm Soh cos she is nicer. Haha, she wont say bad things about me one, i know. Lol. And got one time Mdm Soh called Runfa and my father laughed, he say,"Zhou Run Fa ah?" Then I say,"Ya, exactly Zhou Run Fa." It was my first reaction when finding out that Runfa's name is Zhou Run Fa. K, it's cool to be named after a star. But I'm not saying that Runfa is cool la. Lol, later he sure haolian one.

& U16 is next week! :D

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