Sunday, January 31, 2010

FarEast with Xiaojun :D

Headed to cwp together, took prints again. I think I'm addicted to it. Eventhough I really hate decorating it, it's so annoying. So far we took two prints together, yay :D

LOL, we had one NG shot! (See the one in blue background)
& two others anyhow-shot.
Headed to Bugis afterwards, went to the second floor immediately. Xiaojun tried on one dress in pink, its got nice patterns and everything, but the cutting suck can. I told her not to buy it.
After we couldnt get what we want, we headed to Fareast. I think it's so much better to shop there, no crowdyness and stuffyness. LOL. And we bought the things we want immediately. I had to go home early at first because my family is invited to my uncle's daughter's one-month-old celebration. But didnt go in the end, can see Xiaojun relax alot after that. She was rushing like a mad chicken. Anw, she bought all dresses and they're all in tubes. I wondered if she got scolded by her mother.
Went to the hotel next door to playyyy. HAHAHA.

Retarded, I took it to make Xiaojun look stupid, but I look stupid as well.

LOLLLL, ps I'm very lazy to censor it. (actually wanted to put a zebra there to suit her dress)
There's shorts inside okay, so guys, stop staring. HAHAHA.

LOL, i look so serious.
On our way back home by MRT, Xiaojun took out a mirror to laugh at herself. WTH RIGHT? And those indians around keep laughing at her, she even act cute in front of the mirror. I was laughing like siao. Back home and zzzz.

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