Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because where they knock you down and out, is where you ought to stay.

Met up in school with the rest of the Sec 3 volleyballers. Many of them were late, but it's far better than those who didnt turn up at all. Seriously, LOL. Finished up all the necessary stuffs and went home.
Met up with Pantita and Kianshen again at cwp, boots and shoes for WBA. It's my first time, I'm kinda excited. I wanna play the wheelchair, most importantly. HAHA, seriously la. I think it was quite fun. We went to the toilet once we got into the school, and the lights went off all of a sudden. Pan and I freaked out like bloody hell, it's really dark until cannot see our five fingers leh. We thought it was kianshen, but it's not D: So far, WBA was good :D Played 3 games, lost all. HAHAHA. I think I made my team lose, AW. Who cares anyway, it's fun can already. Darren danced for Pantita and I. Woo, his dancing is damn good. LOL. And while waiting for bus home, we saw this water bottle that rolled onto the road. We were waiting for a car to pass by and crash it. One of the cars finally came, and it made the water bottle fly up, and into the bush. HAHA, it landed near the very very side of the other end of the road. But there's still the cap, near our bus stop. One of the buses crushed it with a damn loud 'pop' sound. HAHAHA, we were so fascinated :D:D:D
Nothing much on Sunday, went to ahma's house and back home. Finished my homework there.
Went to Woodlands Waterfront with Rasyidah, Zena and Farhan. Damn the bloody hot weather. Ate icecream and hid under one of the small playgrounds eating mami noodle snack. HAHAHA. There one little boy, damn scary. Irritate us all of a sudden, like siao. EEE. LOL. Decided to leave waterfront and head to Admiralty Park. Walked there with shortcuts, here and there. We created a game, it's called 'OMG & Wouldn't Be Surprised'. Here's how it goes, one of us will ask a question, for example 'What if you found out Xinpei is a boy?' Then the other people will either answer 'OMG' or 'WBS'. COOL LA. LOL, Farhan was the one that kept asking questions. Reached the park and decided to go Republic Poly instead. AIRCON, HAHAHA. Kept on shifting places :D:D Told each other what we like and hate about each other. Settled on top of a spiral staircase, leading to a damn fantastic view of the clouds. Watched them turn in phoenix, pigs with wings, dragon and all sorts of stuffs. Rasyidah got damn high all of a sudden and started singing songs. LOL, and then they pranked call some of the people on the contact list using Zena's phone. SO BAD. HAHAHA.
Went to cwp to buy some food and waited to watch fireworks at the civic centre bus stop. Played shoot, marry and do. We were halfway through the game when the fireworks started without warning. Damn funny, ZENA AND I WERE DAMN HIGH! :D:D I took many photos :D Then continued with shoot marry and do. Do means sex. It goes like this, 3 names will be given to somebody. And that person will decided who to shoot (bang), marry and do (sex). HAHA, it was damn fun. Then we even gave girls names to girls. Super funny. That's what kept us companied and entertained through the night, until they sent my home at around 9 to 10pm :D FUN DAY :D left my wallet in Rasyidah's bag D:
Met up with Pantita and Qiuheng. Chatted at KFC for awhile, talked to them about the games we had last night. SHOOT MARRY DO! :D:D Got back my wallet from Rasyidah. HAHA. Set off to bugis. Had I heart Taimei for lunch, naize. But their milktea still lost to the awesome KOI :D Qiuheng and I saw many nice clothes, but we kept on waiting and considering whether we should buy it. I bought two in the end. Both very big for me D: And one of the shop aunties remember me, omg. LOL. I dont even remember her, and she remember me out of so many customers. HAHA. It was around 5-6pm when we finished shopping. Went to Iluma to try out the clothes, yea photo spam. It was when I fret on how I should wear my oversized new shirt without it looking weird. D: LOL. But they're niceeee. HAHA. Went to the sky floor. LOL, that's what they call the level. And we took many many photos. :D I look weird in alot of the photos, so I became the photographer most of the time. HAHA. It was nice, very fun day. Chatted alot, and had berrylite :D Qiuheng keep taking free drinks siah. Omg, berrylite was damn cheap that day. SUPER CHEAP, and naiiiize. HAHA. Decided to bus home with 960.
Halfway through the ride, Qiuheng talked about Ghost Festival. It was then that we realise that day was the first day of the festival. Freaked both of us out, and we were damn scared to go home alone. Phoned many people to walk us home. First one to call was Runfa, HAHAHA. And then I turned to Wanxin desperately, he agreed readily leh. Like woah, damn good la he. But I realised he's just as scared as me. HAHA, walked me home. And we heard noises. Wanted to turn back so badly, and we were afraid later we no more 'fire', you know what i mean? HAHAH, we have to turn our whole body tgt, yea. So we both jumped back tgt, and realised there's nobody. EVEN MORE SCARY, and then... it was a bicycle, it changed direction just as we jumped around. But luckily nobody la, later we scare the person even worse. HAHAHA. Home sweet home. I thanked him alot for sending me home le. He said he wont do it again next time D:

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