Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew.

It just really sucks to be back in school on Monday. I remember anticipating school's dismissal when the first period just started. And I did nothing much in school at all. All I did was sleep...and erm, eat? It was a total waste of my time, and I kept thinking "I should be in town, with Pantita". Ugh, left school early with Vivian and rushed down to town to find Pantita who was with Eugene Arjun and Sean already. I was severely undressed for town, wearing a white top and polka-dot highwaist with my toms. Oh god, it feels disgusting to be wearing my toms to town cos it's my school shoes. Hahaha, I had my fringe clipped up too, so I looked absolutely horrible. But I was completely shocked when a modeling agency approached me to be their model! And the card they gave me said "We see people a little differently." Well, I see what they did there. HAHA. The guys wanted to do manicure so we walked all the way from Somerset to fareast at Orchard. It's crazy how enthusiastic they were in looking for the cheapest manicure shop. In the end, the manicure weren't exactly that cheap at all. It's so funny to see the guys doing their nails while the girls watched, shouldn't it be the other way round? I helped them to choose the colours though, pink and black! HAHAHA. Love how sporting the guys were, except Eugene who backed out. Took the train back with Arjun Eugene and Pan to Woodlands cos Pan and I had plans to eat dinner with another Thai friend of Maria's and Sheela's. Arjun was super funny on the train ride back home. He knew my sister, Xinlerk, all along but he pretended he didn't. So he asked for my ezlink card and noticed my name starts with Tan Xin also and asked if I had a sister. I said yes and he began to do this magic thing to act as if he could guess my sister's name. It was super unbelievable, duh that's why I didn't believe it. I really found it ridiculous but he insisted that I was tricked. LOL whatever. He also had alot of connections with the people we know, and his reason for that was cos he's indian. Oh well. HAHAHA, funny guy.

Met up with Sheela Maria and Gongpope (Marz and Sheela's thai friend from IJC) and Junjie joined us afterwards. Had Pastamania for dinner. I think it was abit awkward for Pan and Gongpope to converse in Thai hahaha. They didn't talk much as well. But I was busy eating so I wasn't sure what was going on. They were all talking about things I don't understand! Grr. Head home afterwards. Hate the feeling of having to leave Pan!

Wasn't there to watch Eugene get his haircut but he look like a Primary School kid here!!!
After he got his haircut. Looking like ahbeng #1
Jon and Pan
Weixuan and Pan
My underdressed ootd
The guys looking for cheap manicure shops in the directory at Fareast Plaza
Smoke break for the guys, again. Sighs

I swear this looks damn wrong with reference to the previous photo HAHA

Arjun with his cool nails.
Sean with his cool nails.

Sean and I

At Pastamania
Me wearing Sheela's geek specs with gummy smile yucks.


Junjie doing invisible blowjob. OK JUST KIDDING HAHA
Junjie Me Maria Gongpope Pantita Sheela

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