Thursday, February 13, 2014

He says I'm his favourite flavour

Happy Chinese New Year! I don't particularly have much to say about CNY because it's the same routine every year, but I don't mind repeating it. So my CNY starts with a reunion dinner a day before Day 1, which is typically a steamboat and grill kind of meal. Everybody ends up bloated and frustrated with the faulty wire that keeps switching the grill off. We don't talk much during the meal, or at least not to my relatives because we're not close, which is pretty damn sad cos it would have been different if we were with my mom's side but we only got to celebrate CNY with them once and it was the best CNY celebration I ever had. 

Don't mind if I sidetrack but my mom's family lives the kind of rural lifestyle, like literally kampong. I know it's hard to believe but I fucking love it. I love all the people there. I love the food, the atmosphere. I would gladly suffer chilly nights, humid mornings without aircons, receive angpow money that is less than half of those I would receive in SG and all the mozzie bites there, than celebrate a dull CNY with my dad's side. In kampong, we pray to the altar (which I don't know what to do I just kneel there and pray as though whoever I'm praying to is a genie in a bottle), light fire crackers, play with insects (unbelievable but we had to or you'll be teased throughout the season because even insects love CNY there). We gamble, we fight, we drive to the city in motorbikes and cars, late night supper, we disturb our neighbours, we chat till dawn, and we have company for the first night we stay up (a tradition for the kids to stay up to ensure longevity of their parents). 

So yup, back to my dad's side. We don't hold much conversations with any of our relatives and every year they do the same thing by guessing which is the eldest among the three of us. Xinlerk could have her hair dyed blonde, wear baggy pants and heels and everything to look mature but everybody still guessed that I'm the eldest and I would like to believe it's because of my height or because I'm really demure and sensible in front of my relatives hehe. We visit the same houses every year, eat the same food, and we're the only family who doesn't give a shit about the half-day vegetarian rule because nobody says no to bakkwa. The day was concluded around 2pm back at my gramps place (first and last station). Sadly I didn't get to see my cousin from AJC cos I took a bet I would take a picture with him. Oh well oh well

Super adorable cousin wearing matching outfit with her mom!!! I wanna do that in future too.

On Day 2 of CNY, I went over to Jon's house as his mom invited and all his relatives were there which made me super nervous but hehe I got a lot more angpows than expected. Spent the day walking in and out of the house, meeting his relatives and being addressed as "Jon's zhabor" to everyone, handshakes handshakes and more handshakes, and listening to Jon complaining about having so little angpows. HAHAHA it was nice meeting his relatives and finally, I'm the first girl who has met all his relatives. He's had so many girlfriends it's hard to find something that I'm the first girl at doing. His family hired the lion dance crew to bless the house too! I actually get pretty freaked out when the lions came close to me eventhough I know they're fake but still, they're huge and scary. Yeah looking like a tough girl but secretly a fucking timid person.

Last minute decision to club at zouk that night since we were already dressed up and so we did! And though I was tipsy, I remembered Jon making me cry by shouting at me cos apparently I left to go to the toilet without his permission. He shouted "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME" heheehehehehehehehhe it was sweet but I still cried ok I'm like a vampire with my humanity switched turned on and emotions heightened when I have alcohol in my system. Also, I saw my primary school friend (Sandra Tan) who shares the same birthday as me! I would never have guessed 10 years ago that the next time we would meet and have a photo together would be in a club. HAHA, it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless. 

And Jon, I remember everything about the conversation we had.

3rd day of CNY was celebrated at Marz's house gambling away with her church friends. I just learned that it was an auspicious year for the pigs in the wealth aspect but I didn't win much money. But ok let me be positive and appreciate the fact that I didn't lose any money. But then again, Marz and I are both born in the year of the pigs and she won 50$ ugh. 

Day 10 of CNY was celebrated with my teammates from college. I hope this tradition of CNY visiting to each of our houses continue in future. Though there were 6 of us, we only managed to visit 4 of our houses. First stop was Weisze's house, then Tess', mine and finally Vivian's. I promise to remember to bring mandarin oranges the next year because I forgot to bring to Jon's house and to my friend's houses. I never saw the point in it but still, I guess it's a form of respect. I think these girls are the fondest memories I have of my JC life.

Yes I am a giant when I'm with them. And Joey abandoned me in being the tall ones at the extreme ends by bending down.

Coincidentally bumped into Wanxuan at Vivian's house and he was staring into my soul with a sick smile and when asked to take a photo with him, he smiled sheepishly. No idea what he's up to but hey he's growing up to be an exact replica of his elder brother, except, maybe taller HAHA

Chinese New Year officially ends on Valentine's Day this year but I guess that deserves a whole new blog post by itself.

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