Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm so lost without you.

Yesterday was awesome. Cliques and the rest celebrated my belated birthday. Went over to Eunice's house at first, Yuping got Eunice's volleyball stuck at the waterfall. We were playing at the 6th storey basketball court, and the ball went down, stuck at the fountain. A man with a super duper long pole got it down for us. Eunice took a photo of the waterfall: Spot the ball. LOL.
Went over to meet Xiaojun, bused to Admiralt Garden. Was greeted by a birthday song and a huge red card that says: HAPPY B'DAE BIG BALLS. LOL. I knew there's something wrong when they approached me and Rasyidah was hiding both her hands behind the big card. I knew it was a cake and that I'm gonna get smashed anytime. Ah, even my bag kena -,- The cake was nice okay. I was licking myself after they smashed me. Tasted damn nice. But the next thing I knew, Rasyidah was chasing me with a chocolate syrup bottle. She caught me in the end, and my whole hair was filled with chocolate. Photos would be on facebook, uploaded by Rasyidah. I was squeezing my ponytail like bloody hell, chocolates keep dripping down. Forget it, I thought, I went to suck my hair instead. LOL.
Afterwards there's flour, and wait, THERE'S MILK. BLOODY HELL. I smell like shit. Truth and dare afterwards, sorry I'm in a totally no mood cos of my smell. I can't stand my smell. LOL. It's my dirtiest, messiest and most memorable birthday bash ever! :D Thanks guys <3
Went to Runfa's house to shower, Xiaojun as well. Took one hour siah. LOL. Then there's birthday cake, and they caught a baby bat? It's disgusting. I knew it was an animal when they told me to open it! Damn it. Went to eat afterwards and bused home. Met hongye on the bus, and Runfa, Xiaojun, Hongye and I were freaking high. We were singing damn loudly in the bus. LOLOL. Then sent Xiaojun home, still singing. Sent me home, still singing. HAHA, they keep singing cheena songs that I dont know! I should have my own FM man. HAHAHA.
Went to Beach Road with Xiaojun and Bryce today. Quite boring la, but afterwards chatting and slacking at Yishun was quite fun. LOL, I promise I'll meet you'al sometime again la. Not months later. HAHA, sorry MIA so long ):

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