Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Midnight Movie with Hongye, Xiaojun & Patrick!

15 February 2010

Hongye and I plotting a plan to make fun of Xiaojun and Patrick.


HAHA, this is another fail shot of Xiaojun and I.

Some of my teammates came over to my house to visit and get angpows. Those who came are Meiting, Yanni, Kelly, Jiajing, Tingfang and Yuping, dont think I missed out anyone. They were playing card games at first, Kelly was eating and eating and eating while waiting Tom & Jerry Show. HAHA, then they played mahjong. Play until I wanna vomit blood. Damn funny la.

I dont know what happened afterwards cos I went out to find Hongye and Patrick to go Xiaojun's house. Okay, I forgot to bring the mandarin oranges. So I thought of a damn good plan and that is to share share the oranges with Hongye. Means both of us will take one each and we will give the mandarin oranges together. HEHE, and Xiaojun's mother gave me back extra oranges! WOOHOO, and we got angpows as well :D

Xiaojun was not ready yet, and we went to her room to play. LOL, it was quite fun. We were playing, and I slept. Yes, I slept. And Patrick is damn afraid of tickles man. HAHA, they took photos of me and hongye on the bed -o- WTH, we're not doing anything also.
Headed to my house after that, bainian, took angpows, played mahjong. I got changed and we went to cwp to catch a movie plus take our prints. We watched by Jacky Chan, it was damn nice I swear! You can laugh until siao. Jackie Chan was damn dumb in the movie, they were having a war and he had already fought for 10 over years. He never killed anyone before -,- and he survived the war for 10 years cos he pretended to be dead. WTH RIGHT. Damn hilarious. MUST WATCH, please watchhhhhh!
Went home after that. :D

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