Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Save me cos I'm going down

Just gonna blog about some things that happened other than Pantita for now. HAHAHA, yes last 11 posts was all about her awww. And they received exceptionally high number of views, so I'm gonna observe to see if my next few posts will get the same level of popularity. I will be so extremely sad if they didn't, and maybe I'll just talk about Pan in all my next few posts. HAHAHAHAHA ok I'm kidding. 

I did mention how boring school was, did I? Or was I so concentrated on Pan the past few posts? LOL, ok school was soooooo boring. I went to school to sleep. Don't mind my short term memory if I tend to repeat some stuffs. I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower within 3 days in school, yes school was such a bore and waste of time. Especially now that we've handed in our Written Report, all Project Work lessons are just Oral Presentation. I was so enthusiastic during my first OP, but teacher said I tend to speak too fast when I'm enthusiastic. But there's no way I can be enthu while speaking slowly. Even after trying to speak slowly, my teacher said I can afford to go slower. HOW TO BE ENTHU LIKE THAT? Furthermore, I'm getting really sick of presenting the same thing over and over again. My classmates must find me really boring....

(Photo credits to Vivian)

Girls are girls and we do what we do best. CAMWHORE! These girls make school much more interesting, or should I say less boring instead? LOL

So all our whole team planned to skip school on a Thursday (non-training day) to eat steamboat together! Special thanks to Vivian for hosting and her Grandma for treating! In fact, we didn't exactly skip school cos all of us really turned out to be sick. Yeah, it was the flu bug season. And trust me, the steamboat didn't make all of us better. We were still so sick we couldn't attend training the next day, some of us even got MC for two days. I think it gets really difficult to tell my teacher that I'm really sick cos I've given too many MCs. And after doing the math, I've spent so much money on MC...

Last Tuesday at the gym. HAHAHA

I grew to realize my love for night life during Pan's stay in SG. One thing I hate is that the shops at town all closes way too early. But the cool breeze and street lights, night life really rocks. Marz and I met up last Thursday night to just chillax for awhile. Went to eat Strictly Pancakes again cos she haven't tried it before. AND YES WE MADE SURE TO SHARE IT and it was still so freaking filling omg. This time we tried Tiramisu. It was really nice too! I wanna try all the flavours there, HAHAHA *adds this to my bucket list*

Walked from Dhoby to Somerset after that. We had nowhere to go cos all the shops were closed, so we went to the skate park and chatted sooo much. Actually, I really wanna learn how to skate. Skater girls are really cool leh. I wanna be cool also. But I cannot imagine myself taking a fall and those...scratches and bruises... noooo, I shall wear my knee guards. LOL I hate it when there are scars on my leg. I just scraped my knee the other time during training and now it's so ugly. I think one reason why I hate it alot is cos I fell down when I was about 2 years old, I don't remember myself falling but it was caught on tape. And that fall happened on those kind of concrete floor. It made my knee really rough, and ugly. It feels like chicken skin, and I always felt so embarrassed of my knee. It got alot better cos I tried to sand it and now I take special care of my legs. WOO

My ootd for that night. I couldn't decide what to wear, but I was certain I'm gonna wear that spaghetti strap cos the weather was mad humid.
Marz and my ootd. 
Tiramisu @ Strictly Pancakes

Hehe, I took lots of photos in the train so don't mind me cos I'm unabashed to share them with you.

I rarely smile with my mouth closed cos I think I look like I'm forced to be happy, and oh god look at that restrained smile...

Don't really like this pic cos my hair looks black.

Hahaha, all these photos are taken using the app PuddingCam. I'm really addicted to it right now, but still not really sure how to use it so I was just experimenting. AND OMG I NEED TO WARN YOU GUYS THE DANGERS ASSOCIATED WITH EXPERIMENTING APPS COS I just had a really really awful experience... So I was experimenting this app called InstaTalk after seeing someone's instagram about it. I wasn't sure how to use it but when I went to the front page, I saw this photo of a naked guy with a super long penis. I thought it was unacceptable to be posting these kind of pictures on social networking sites, so I screenshot it. (when I screenshot, the picture becomes the last picture in my photos) Since InstaTalk is about talking to your instagram friends, I tried to talk to my friends but they all didn't download InstaTalk. So I talked to this person who instagramed about himself being on InstaTalk. I sent a msg and it went well. So I went on to see if there are other functions, and I pressed pictures, AND MY ITOUCH HANG AND IMPATIENT ME KEPT TAPPING FURIOUSLY AT THE SCREEN cos that's what I always do when anything hangs, and...*cries* I accidentally send the picture of the naked man to the person............ I tried to apologise man, but he didn't reply so I'm not sure what's his impression of me now....... I really wanna cry. (anyway I'm just assuming that guy doesn't read my blog LOL)

So don't experiment apps with a lousy phone/itouch. 

Xintien and I went to Novena Medical Centre for doctor's appointment. We went a little late, and we gotta wait more than 3 hours for our turn. So the both of us went to eat our Subway usuals and do some speed shopping at Bugis. Before we head over to bugis, we went to this crazy Adidas sale at Novena. It was so crazy, like there are people queuing even before the shop opened. And everyone is just grabbing and squeezing. I managed to get a sleeveless top, that is supposed to be S women size but it's too big for me. It costs $29.90. I wasn't sure about the original price though, but it's Adidas, and there's a sale, and the sale was crazy, so it ought to be cheaper. HAHAHA my logic. I even bought a chelsea cap for Marz that costed only $8. I mean, c'mon, it's Adidas. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Wanted to buy a black polo tee for my father cos it was selling at only $14! But there's no XL and my father is too big to fit into L, so we didn't buy it. It was really cheap though.

Our ootd

It's been so long since I last went to Bugis and there's just so many new pretty stuffs that I wanna buy. I managed to buy two things and I'm soooo happy with them! I bought a denim tribal shorts for $20, which fits me perfectly well. And btw, it's L in size, see I'm not really that skinny. And I also bought a shoe with a T-shaped design, really trendy now and I really liked it. It was the last pair with my size, and I thought it was definitely fate so I gotta buy it! I tried it on and it was sooo comfortable. Really good buy for only $20. I'm currently eyeing on a long black skirt there but I didn't have enough time to buy it. I want a bag too. I was about to purchase a black bag with snake skin design from Cotton On during their free shipping period, and it was selling at only $20! But just when I clicked on it, it got sold off. I guess I spent too much time filling in my billing address, grrr. I need a laptop bag too. Can't wait to work so I'll have loads of money to really spend on all the things I want. 

I'm gonna be working on Friday and Saturday at Expo, selling GPS. LOL, I know no nuts about it. Planned to work from Fri - Sun but I was reminded of friendly match on Sunday, so I couldn't make it to work. One day pay fly away...

Anyway I just took my A'level MT Paper and I thought it was ridiculously difficult. It was completely different from all the mock papers we've practiced on, and apparently there's a theory error in the comprehension passages. They said when they placed a frog in a pot of cold water and increases the temperature slowly, the frog did not respond to the heat change and died as a result. But in actual fact, frogs couldn't tell if there's a heat change. I'm not really sure about this fact, so perhaps if you're interested, you can google it. For now, I can't really be bothered. I'M SO FUCKING GLAD I'M OVER AND DONE WITH CHINESE. BURN CHINESE BURRRRNNNNN

I've been receiving some questions on Formspring lately, so I thought I might as well revive it again. So ask me questions on Formspring at TANXINPEI. I answer anything and everything!

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