Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feel so good to help someone. Have you ever had the feeling that you know you should help, and yet you didnt? I hate that feeling, it feels so bad to turn someone down, especially when you know she really needed help. After helping someone/doing good deeds, I realised what teachers in primary school said were true, they always say helping someone is a good thing, not only will you feel good about yourself, your ability to be able to help others and your kind heart. I had that very shiok feeling when I help someone in need, first was just simply buying tissues from a wheelchair-bound person at a higher price, it was 2 for a dollar. I helped old people cross the roads. K la, they are just so small things. But these small thing made my day, even if at the end of the day, I didnt get to do what I initially planned to.
K la, I'm not being random k. I'm talking aboutt this topic because Xiaojun and I helped a China lady at Tan Tok Seng Hospital when I went there for my apppointment. The 1A Eye Clinic was closing soon, eventhough it's only 4pm (PS: From what I know the doctors there only work from 9-4pm.), so there was very little people. So while waiting for my turn, there's this China lady with another woman on wheelchair, I think they're mother and daughter. The lady was very anxious or something, she keep calling someone with her phone and demanded for that person to come down to the clinic at once. She's SUPER fierce, she broke into tears after scolding. As she was sitting just next to us, we gave her tissue. Then it was finally her turn, cos it seems like she waited for quite some time already.
After that we had to wait for our turn outside a room, I was after her. She just look super anxious, and finally she approached Xiaojun and I and asked if we could help her take care of her mother until 7pm. We hesitated at first, because we dont really know her, and all we did was lend her tissue paper. Then she explained her situation to her and everything, we thought that she might have approached us because we're students, in our school uniforms somemore, and we wont do any harm to her mother. We agreed, and she shoved a 50dollar note into our hands. We declined, we're only students! But she was very persistant, she said she wouldn't feel safe if we dont take the money. True, because we could just leave her mother alone there, but once she give us some reward or something most of the people will take special care. We took the money, but we know we will definitely return it. BUT HOW?
I followed her mother into the room, because I know most of the doctors. I was their patient once. The nurses keep saying how I'm related to her, and how I should be so nice to strangers, how I'm just a student and shouldnt be responsible for this kind of stuffs. I ignored them, all I said was "I promised her." The lady didnt want us to leave her, we didnt. Then many things cropped up, the woman was sent to the Emergency area because the clinic is closing soon, and we had to follow. But the problem is we cant go in. We phoned the china lady and her friend, luckily her friend came. And everything went smoothly afterwards. We didnt dare to return the money to her friend because we were afraid he might keep the money himself. So when he went to take the medicine, we stuffed the money into her hands and said her daughter gave this to us, but we cant keep it. We went home afterwards, I reached home very late. Got scolded by my parents, but I did nothing wrong, so I could talk back. HEHE, lol.
Aw sian. I'm very busy nowadays, super busy. K, maybe not as busy as somebody -,- I'm so tired, seriously. I need time. So that I can forget everything and settle down with my piles of homeworks that are finally getting lesser. THE PROBLEM I'M LEFT WITH NOW IS MY PHYSICS! I'm so busy with competitions, my catching up on studies, my revisions, making my friends birthday presents, oh god, I dont think I will ever finish listing everything. Anyway, competitions created alot of troubles for me. K la not troubles, just that I dont wanna miss out on anything. For one of the competition, I will be missing the CIP Lion Befrienders Briefing. And the actual CIP (Giving out Mandarin Oranges to the Lion Befrienders). And one of the competitions clashed with my appointment with my doctor. God, I dont know how to change the appoinment date and time, plus I'm not free on any other days. But I cant miss the match, we will be playing against Xinmin, someone please help me. I'm going berserk already.

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