Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cold hands, warm heart

Finally woke up and showered. Yes this time I made sure I showered so I won't wrench of smoke and alcohol smell when I reached home. I promised my parents I'll be at my Grandparents place for dinner this day cos I haven't visited them for a month, so I couldn't stay with Pan for long. I was really sad, cos it's gonna be her last day in SG and I can't spend the fullest time with her that day. Met Eugene and kept him waiting cos of Runfa who refused to get out of bed! Had wanton noodles from Graffiti Cafe for lunch, yeah we were too late for breakfast HAHA. And played pool for awhile while waiting for our movie, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, to start. I won Eugene in pool! HAHAHA. I still suck at it though, the trick lies with the black ball man. Screw it, you lose. Anyway the movie sucks. I wouldn't have understood a single shit if I didn't read the book. I read the book only till the Secret Santa part, and afterwards I couldn't understand the movie at all already. Really disappointing, and they didn't even state what Aunt Helen did to Charlie! The book was really good though. Yes, the book mentioned what Aunt Helen did to Charlie HAHA. I really liked the book, but the movie was just too disappointing. Eugene Pan and I were like talking throughout the movie, I wonder if anyone was annoyed. HAHAHA.

So I left after the movie. But halfway through my train ride to yishun, Mom called to say I can stay with Pan cos they're leaving Grandparents' place already. So I u-turned back to Somerset and joined Eugene Pan and Allen for dinner. Thank god I went back cos the guys decided to treat the dinner! HAHA, they were supposed to treat Pan lah, but hehe, gentlemen are gentlemen. The boys were really crazy! Adding super alot of cheese on ALL the food. And Allen adds chilli sauce and pepper to everything and I hate chilli sauce. But the food was still good. It was so filling. Surprisingly despite all the fat food I indulged on the past week, I didn't gain any weight! HAHAH, yayyy. And the boys said my weight doesn't match my figure. And they said I need to be fatter. WHAT NOOOO, I actually wanna lose some weight. But right now is abit difficult cos I'm having trainings and gym. I don't wanna lose my muscles, so I'm keeping the thought of losing weight aside for now. I might get some agitated comments about this. I know I'm not fat, but my current weight is not ideal. I want a nicer number on the weighing scale ok. And there ARE people who calls me fat. I can't stand it when people call me fat, and I threaten them that I'll become anorexic. Trust me, I can. It's just whether I want to or not.

Went to walk around Topshop for awhile and Pan and I bought some really cute panties!!! 3 for $19! I thought it was totally worth it for some branded panties to pamper myself a little. I walked out of the store and Eugene asked what I bought. He wanted to see it so I gave the bag to him. He actually took them out and did a little horrified scream. HAHAHAHAHAH, so cute. He touched girl panties!!! Anyway I bought one with galaxy background and a snoopy in the middle, and another which has light brown background colour and a cute puppy that gonna be at my ass, and the last one which I cannot remember and is too lazy to walk to my bedroom to check. HAHA I went home after that. I just hugged Pan. I really didn't want to let her go. I swear it felt like a dream, like one second she was just here and another second she's gone already. Pan cried as we hugged, and the boys were really nice to give a group hug. I love you Pan. I really hope you'll come back again this december. I'm glad I spent enough time with her when she was here in SG for the 12 days, so I have no regrets. AND YES, I spent the most time with her in total!!! HAHAHA, following closely behind me is Eugene followed by Marz I think.

Mernard and Pan
Mernard and I
Jingyee and Pan
Played pool while waiting for movie to start.


I swear this 12 days past by way too fast. I can't believe things are back to square one.

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