Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photos as promised from 14December09 BBQ :D
In Chronological order:

Playing volleyball
Eunice, Alison, Yanni, Chaoxin and Me


Tingfang, Hannah, Yanni and Xinlerk

Wrapping the corns and sweet potato.
I did some of them too :D

Me, Xinlerk
Tingfang, Hannah

There she is, she went to take a wrapped corn -,-

Tingfang act cute ahh. HAHA

Yanni with the ball.
And I have no idea why the ball look so big in her hands. LOL.

Eunice, Me.
Irritating Eunice, everytime steal steal steal my ball.

Yingjie, Me and Eunice roasting our marshmallows.
EE, i dont like marshmallows. HAHA, but I just wanna roast it.

K, that is the only marshmallow I ate. I SWEAR~ haha.


Ooops, it's not my fault, it's really not my fault, REALLY!

K fine, it's my fault -,-

Alison, Xinlerk and Me on the spring thing.

Woah, this is fun man!
Tiffany, Yingjie, Alison, Me and Chaoxin.

LOL, slanted.
Alison, Xinlerk, Tiffanny, Me and Chaoxin.

On the another spring thingy.
Tiffany, Chaoxin, Me, Yingjie and Alison.

LOL, sisters :D



Lol, on the toottoot train.
We acted as if the train is going sidewayyyyyyyys!

Introducing, the:
Ultraman, Spiderman, Batman, Xmen and Superman!
HAHAHA, k where the hell is Wonderwoman rightttt?

Woohoo, I love this photo :D
It was quite fun doing this shot, hehe.

On the bridge
Chaoxin, Me, Xinlerk, Alison and Tiff


Yay, finally we get to eat the cake :D

haha, I'm so tallll :D

Meet up at cwp breadtalk and set off to Woodlands Mart, Xinlerk led us to Yanni's house. Got there and immediately book my mahjong seat. HAHA, got to play mahjong first. BUT, Yanni's gotta borrow the mahjong table from her neighbour. Damn funny la. While the rest gamble, dont know gambling what also.

LOL, won two rounds of mahjong and I set off to gambling. They gambled 10points with 10cents. HAHA, but if you win one round, you'll earn around 70cents, not bad i think. I won the first two rounds, LOL. Think it's beginner luck or something. Won a few more rounds before they changed to 1point, which is more difficult to win. So after every game where there is no winner, we add 10cents more, think we added around 5 times before a winner arise. AND I'M THE WINNER! HAHA, i dont dare to gamble next time already la. Cos scared no more beginner luck. Lol, then we went to the park to set up our BBQ pit.

Walked a damn long way there, think Yanni led us the wrong way. Haiyooo, we were carrying so many heavy stuffs you know! Anw, we started playing volleyball when we reach there because the basketball court is taken. Then I helped to wrap the corns and the sweet potato. After roasting and eating ONE marshmallow, I went back to volleyball. And got the ball stuck in the tree, hehe. A guy climbed up the tree to get the ball. LOL. K la, I'm sorry. HEHE.

Then a few of us went around the park to take photos. The park have many amazing and beautiful places. We took as many photos as we can with Alison's and Tiff's camera. Until the sky turned dark, we went back to the BBQ pit to eat. I didnt eat alot, but I was full. It was quite fun i think, but bet the Volleyball BBQ would be awesome too :D Looking forward to it.

And thanks Chaoxin's daddy for sending Xinlerk and I home :D

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