Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Havent posted these few days because the previous post was extremely long,
but it's interesting.
Go read it up if you havent!

Went to my grandparent's house as usual that day for dinner.
while we were eating, my aunt came.
and she bought a cage with a puppy inside.
it is damn cute and it's only one month old!
it's a chiwawa.
my aunt say it's a he,
and his name is tiny because he is tiny!
lol, tiny wont grow anymore.
it will only stay this size.
it was born with 4 other puppies, 2 died,
and the owner gave away 2 and left one for himself.
imagine the mother chiwawa was this size and she gave birth to 5!
lol! how to stuff the puppies inside siah? haha.
but when the puppy was born it was very very small.
it grows bigger because it sleeps alot.

He's that small!

Trainings as usual.
the admiralty bubbletea shop is closed.
damn, their bubbletea is nice.
Went to rasyidah's house to do the Science of Magic project.
we planned to make a video out of it.
and there was even a moral behind the video!
haha, we rock man.

Zena the reporter of 'News' and !Farhan with his mysterical substance.

That's !Farhan.

The mysterical substance that is both liquid and solid.
It may appear liquid but it's not.

Raziq the Professor Jack.S

Zena the reporter and Me the Aunty who always wanna be in the movie -,- HAHA.

That's them! Rasyidah, Raziq, Farhan and Zena.
Farhan's mucus! haha.

This is fun, you should try.

'waxing' farhan's leg. haha.

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