Friday, October 26, 2012

She's stuck in her daydream

So we woke up early in the morning and all of us were almost ready, while Sheela was on her way from Admiralty to Chinatown to meet us, when all of a sudden all the plans to go USS was cancelled. Just two hours before the meeting time!!! I was fuming mad that I quarreled with Rasyidah. HAHA, I was angry cos Eugene wanted to come along but Rasyidah said it'll be awkward, so I told Pan not to call Eugene along. And then it got cancelled, and Eugene went partying the day before. We could have made plans with Eugene to USS this day, or partying the day before. We had so many plans to choose from, and it felt as though we chose the wrong one. Yeah that's why I was mad. The worst thing was we didn't have anymore plans that day, so all of us stayed in the hotel room. Lucky for us, we had plans at NIGHT. So we slept through our afternoon and had a few heart to heart talks before Marz and I head home to get changed for clubbing!!! First time clubbing sho excited. HAHA.

So we got ready our stuffs to overnight and club and went over to Chinatown again. On the way, Marz reminded me that Pan is leaving SG in two days time. Sighs, I swear time flies. I told her, "I know". And we both just shook off the thought cos we gotta have lots of fun before all these ends. Met Sheela and Pan at Somerset instead but Marz and I were underdressed in our crop top, shorts and flip flops. We were just bugging the both of them to go back to the hotel HAHA, which WAS the original plan! We planned to go back to the hotel and get changed, nice nice already then visit A&F and take pictures with some hot guys. HAHAHA, so we didn't visit A&F in the end. Anyway there was this Halloween thing going on outside Cineleisure where a group of teens dressed up as really scary and gruesome creatures and went around scaring people. So I was scared, and when I walked past them, I accidentally made eye contact with one creature, and that creature walked towards me and I RAAAAAAAAN. I know it's stupid since I know it's a real human inside, but I was still fucking scared I ran like a mad dog and my friends thought I was some psycho. They didn't know it was me running until I held them and tried to hide from the creature. OMG, I was so scared cos the creature chased after me. I guessed I ran too fast so he gave up. Wow, I really wanna thank myself for putting in efforts during PE and trainings that gave me the speed to shake that creature off. I swear. My heart is beating so fast just thinking about it. So we finally got changed. I got ready really quickly cos I don't put on any make up. I should have but I don't know how. I know I will learn to put it on someday, I don't know why I feel that we're still kinda young to do this when I'm already clubbing LOLZ. Played with helium balloons before heading out. HAHA, it's so random how I got the balloon. I got out of the train and saw this random balloon floating there. I knew immediately it has helium inside cos it was floating! So I took it and walked around town with that stupid balloon. HAHA OK enough crap, let skip skip skip this part and talk about my clubbing experience already!!!

Cabbed down to Clarke Quay to meet Cindy (who invited us) with Mernard Marz Pan and myself. Runfa and Jon joined us afterwards. We planned to go Zirca at first, not sure why there's a last minute change to go Helipad instead but I was still psyched nonetheless. We waited for about 2 hours outside Helipad deciding how to get the guys in. FYI, the girls can get in as long as we're above 16 years old. Apparently cos they need girls inside, if not the club would have failed somehow. You get the idea there lah. But the guys had to be at least 21 years old! But through relations and links, we managed to get the manager to get the boss to get the person in charge to chop our hands so we got in safely!!! HAHA, we didn't even use any IC or any deceiving methods. Too fun and too cool. Gotta quote it from Pan who said she don't wanna be 18 years old yet cos she still wanna break the rules. Kinda true. Cos breaking the rules can be so exciting and fun, provided you don't get into trouble. Saw a pic on tumblr that says "Noone looks back and think about the days when you had plenty of sleep." So so true. So inside the club, the music was just blasting really loudly and the atmosphere was crazy high. We drank a little before heading down to the dance floor. Ok, I don't wanna elaborate too much cos I think it's better you try it out and experience for yourself. We didn't take much photos that day cos we wanna clear all evidence HAHA. So yeah.

I gotta say that Runfa is the best brother I've ever had I swear. He's so nice and protective. I love him a lot. There are times when I wished he's really my brother, but I guess our r/s now is good enough.

Surprisingly this day I wasn't drunk, cos I didn't drink much. Head over to Pan's hotel in a mini van which is super cheap and high class comfortable as well. The girls and I got changed into our comfy wear while the guys were outside smoking. I wore my crop top and denim shorts to sleep, omg the discomfort you cannot imagine. What's more 6 people squeezed onto the tiny bed!!! Oh wait, before we slept, we played King Card. So many funny things happened. Like Jonathan and Mernard kissing, Runfa licking my toe, Pan licking Maria's nose and teeth. HAHAHAHA, damn funny. I almost had to tongue kiss with Jonathan, but I WAS SOBER, AND I DO NOT WANT TO. And some guy had to lick my nipples or something. HAHAH, don't worry, that did not happen.

After a few rounds of King Card, we all got tired and went to bed. I couldn't really sleep cos I was so uncomfortable. It was SO squeezy and I kept fidgeting. Ugh, but I refused to get out of bed and make space. HAHAHA. I remembered hearing many many alarms ringing in the morning but I responded to none of them. Mernard and Runfa decided not to go to work. HAHA. 

Oh and that shirt that Runfa lent to Mernard...sighs, happened to be mine whuuut. I guess God was just playing tricks on me I swear. I lent him and he lent to Runfa and Runfa lent to Mernard? Out of so many clothes Runfa had he picked that? And I happened to be with Runfa and Mernard at the moment. It's just crazy. It kinda spoiled my mood a little, and I'm still trying hard not to care ok.

Our ootn
We girls camwhoring using Mernard's iPhone 5.
He has a girlfriend and he's not allowed to delete these photos. LOL
HAHAHAHA photo credit to Marz.

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