Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All at once, we were madly hopelessly in love.

I remembered anticipating for the weekends so badly and constantly complaining how slow the weekdays were passing by. So we were informed last minute that we're gonna have training on Thursday and I was not pleased at all. I mean I would rather have trainings on our normal days Monday  Wednesday and Friday. I hate last minute decisions cos it would mean all my plans are ruined. Was even more pissed when people thought I wasn't prioritizing cos I left training early to have dinner with Pan. I mean, I AM! She's leaving in, what, 4 days!!! We weren't supposed to have trainings on Thursday in the first place. But anyway, I got over it LOL. I just get really upset when people say things they wouldn't say if they were in my shoes. It's as though they don't understand.

I think I know Pan's schedule like the back of my hand. HAHA, so I'm like blogging about her day and my day altogether. She went back to wrss in the morning to take her SGC and olevel result slip with two of her classmates that I'm not very close with, but of course I know them cos I'm a protective bestfriend. HAHA k joking. Then she went to meet her Wheelchair Basketball friends.

Rushed to town in my sports attire to meet Pan after training. I was, again, severely underdressed for town but I was approached by the same modeling agency! I heard from my friends that they were looking for models for their sports project or something, but it's still crazy to get approached twice within like 3 days. Went to meet Pan who was with his Wheelchair Basketball friends, Penghwee and Farhan. Thank god I know them. HAHA, so it wasn't awkward at all. I was really starving and this day is the day when my ice cream cravings started cos we walked past Cold Stone! I think it was partly triggered by the gelare feast I had the previous day, but I just knew I was craving for ice creams damn badly. Anyways, the four of us head down to Concorde Hotel to play pool. I haven't played pool for a really long time, so I really suck at it. Ok I think that's a lousy excuse cos even if I had played pool for quite some time, I think I'll still suck at it. Zhigang and Alphonsus came over to see Pan afterwards. HAHA I cannot stop laughing at how Alphonsus watches soccer matches. He gets super agitated!!! I didn't dare to go near him hahaha. Teamed up with Pan and played against Penghwee and Farhan. I can't remember who won but it doesn't matter cos it was fun, eventhough I was really bad at it. I played one round with Alphonsus and guess what? I WON. HAHAHAHA, this time who wins matters cos Alp is really good at it. It's like he don't even need to aim, he just shoots the ball really hard. He's so scrawny, and it makes me wonder where he got the strength from. Anyway it was weird seeing him with long hair HAHA. I was really starving then cos I haven't eaten anything since before training started, but thankfully Alp went to buy tons of tidbits. I hate tidbits but I was really hungry so I didn't mind so much then, but I did feel really guilty afterwards. Cabbed home shortly after cos I didn't want my Mom to ground me (she threatened to but she never did) and Alp was in a hurry to get home to watch his soccer match. That reminds me that I haven't paid Zhigang the cab fare... HAHAHA. Ok I think he's gentleman enough to pay it for me right. Overall it was a another short day spent with Pan, but I was glad I saw her at least.

Mr Ben and Pan
Mdm Chan and Pan
Ms Nur, Pan and Ms Gun
Ms Janay Lim and Pan
Mr Jack Chong and Pan
Ms Toh and Pan
(Still looking sooo skinny after giving birth!)
Ms Serene and Pan
Mdm Rehana and Pan 
Ariani, Ms Nur and Pan
Pan, Mr Soong and Ms Chua
Mr See and Pan
Mrs Kok and Pan
Mr Faraz and Pan

The Security Guard and Pan!

Penghwee and Pan
Farhan and Pan

Zhigang and Pan
Alphonsus and Pan
Alp and I
Zhigang and I

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