Monday, May 25, 2009

Had BBQ yesterday,
it was boring, i swear.
Imagine having two BBQs in a month,
it'll make you so sick,
like how i am now.
And the BBQ was super last minute that noone bought beef.
Wth, BBQ without beef.
I totally dozed off after eating,
that can make me fat.

School today,
hmm, teachers are already giving out holiday assignments.
two of them had to be done on blog-science and mt.
Gym training today,
ran 10 rounds and HeQin vomitted.
she better drink lots of water and have plenty of rest.
Lol, i sound like her mother.
Sprained my wrist,
hurts alot.
but there's no problem typing, dont worry.
which means i can still play computer.
but regarding tmr's training, i'm not so sure.
i think have to tape it. ):

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