Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some die looking for a hand to hold

Skipped school today. Actually I was contemplating whether I should skip school on Friday AND Monday, or either Friday or Monday. But because Mom was in a really bad mood, and Pan's flight is gonna be on Monday morning, Pan thought it would be better to skip school on Friday instead so I could spend the whole day with her than on Monday for only a while before her plane takes off. Planned to meet her early in the morning to head over to Woodlands Ring but she didn't wake up! And I was quite glad she didn't cos I really needed sleep. HAHAHA. But when we finally woke up, we met at Dhoby Ghaut instead of Somerset this time round. HAHA what a change. But we went back to town afterwards so...LOL not much diff. We met at dhoby cos we both wanna try Strictly Pancakes for the first time! I've never tried it before, so it was really exciting, plus we both were famished. I ordered the Banana Scotched while Pan ordered Blackforest. I knew blackforest is really popular, but I'm not a fan of chocolatey stuffs so I didn't order it. I thought ordering the banana would make it less sweet. I can't stand eating sweet stuffs for long. I managed to finish my pancakes in the end, it was SO filling. Pan couldn't finish hers. And I didn't have enough space in my stomach to help her finish, but was glad enough that I finished mine. It was really nice, in fact, I'm craving for it now already. But the next time I go, I'll be sure to share it instead of ordering one for myself.

Walked around hoping that it will help in our digestion a little bit cos we were so full. We wanted to try walking back to Somerset but the sky looked as though it was gonna rain. So we walked back to The Cathay and decided to catch a movie before meeting Mernard since there's still time. We caught Taken 2!!! Damn good movie. It didn't have much links to Taken thankfully cos I haven't watched it yet. But Taken 2 was really good. Highly recommended! I can't wait to watch Taken online. Rushed to Somerset to meet Mernard after that during his break. He works at Puma at 313. Watched him eat at Yoshinoya cos we were still damn full from the pancakes we had earlier on. Head down to Dhoby Station for my modeling interview which turned out to be a complete waste of time. I know people keep telling me not to go cos it's most likely a scam. I KNOW. But I wanna know how the interview is like. So it turned out that the person just showed me lots of photos and adverts that they did. And she also showed me a few of the pending projects cos they are short of models, that's why they are looking for models now. The person was too long-winded and I couldn't take it. At first the offer was okay. They said I had to pay $500 to be part of the company, but I don't have to pay it first. I could take up a project and earn $1000, then they deduct the $500 from there, which I think was really good, cos I still earn anyway. But then later they mentioned the portfolio money -.- I just told her I don't want it, she asked why and I went like "The reason why I want a part-time job is because I need money immediately. Now I haven't even earn any and you want me to pay. It doesn't seem right at all." And she said I'm looking at the short-term instead of the long term. And said "I'm still a student. I don't have the ability to pay such a huge sum right now." She's really damn persistent so I just kept telling her I don't want over and over again. She still phone me from time to time trying to persuade me. I guess she's really free hor? Wtv. 

Met Sheela Maria and Mernard after that and we went to Bugis to have our steamboat dinner! Minghwee joined us shortly afterwards. The steamboat was really worth it! We each had to pay only $19.90 and we can eat till 6am in the morning! HAHAH, serious! Damn crazy and the food was buffet style, means we can take whichever amount we want! Regretted choosing the chicken broth soup base for one half and tomyam for the other cos we just kept refilling the tomyam half. HAHAH lesson learnt, next time we should just fill both sides with the tomyam base. HAHAHA the food was really good. In case you guys are wondering, we ate the steamboat at 中华火锅 (Steamboat Buffet). The address is:

95 Beach Road #01-10
Singapore 189699

Pan said she'll be staying over at her hotel alone again. So I called my mom to ask if I could overnight at her hotel. She agreed surprisingly!!! I told her I'll be sleeping over at her house on Saturday night as well, and she just agreed anyway. HAHAH, so Marz Mernard and I stayed over together at Pan's hotel. I remembered sleeping really soundly cos I was tired I guess. Oh and I washed my garments and I didn't wanna wear my shirt that smelled of steamboat and my highwaist shorts to sleep cos it's really uncomfortable. So I wore the hotel's bathrobe. HAHAHA, oh and my wet panties. :( Yeah I didn't wear any bra but I tied my bathrobe really tightly so I think they saw nothing. I mean it's okay if the girls saw, but sighs, why must Mernard be there. HAHAHA OK JUST KIDDINGZZZ. I remembered hearing damn loud laughters in the middle of my sleep but I was too tired to open my eyes so I just let their laughters disturb me. HAHA Pan and I tried to get some sleep cos we planned to go USS early in the morning the next day.

Strictly Pancakes
Lots of camwhore shots cos the lighting there was super good!!!

This costs $5.50
Banana Scotched

My shoes
Our ootd!

I swear this thing is fucking scary!
Mernard and Pan

Yami Yoghurt!

Cindy and Pan

Steamboat with the girls!

I'm not camera shy, but by the time night falls, I'm already looking damn tired and fugly.
Get what I mean? :(
Chanced upon this House of Photography cubicle. Super cool so we took tried to take tumblr-like photos, which kinda failed... HAHAH I blame it partly on the lighting.

It was damn funny how much Pan wanted to take photos with Taxis in Singapore. HAHAHA

This guy couldn't stop smoking.
What I wore to sleep #wiwts (hahaha lame)

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