Friday, August 10, 2012

Run, don't let it get you.


I realised from the photos in my iphoto library that I haven't talked about the best mass civics (kinda like assembly) in ajc so far. It was a surprising and extremely marvelous performance by Dins and Tonics A Capella! Ok I don't think alot of you have heard of them, but hmm they're from Harvard University. Yesyesyes, which means they are caucasians (!!!) except for one Singaporean hahaha. They not only sing, but they also perform many funny acts! They make impressions by making themselves look like Oreo, Marina Bay Sands, Bowling, et cetra. Can't remember the rest anyway. And I super love their last song, which goes like I'm In Love With The McDonald's Girl. It's really really cute. After their performance, there was a HUGE traffic jam outside the auditorium cos all of us were busy taking pictures with them. And of course my friends and I took photos with them too hahaha. Some of the shots were abit fail but better than none! 

Photo credits does not belong to me. Hahaha, stole these photos from Vivian's site @ viviannong.wordpress so please don't mind me. There are some other photos with Queenie but they have not been uploaded yet! So here's the few I have with me rn:


Anyway hehehe
HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!! I love you Singapore!

Yes I'm not kidding, I really love Singapore. Being a Singapore citizen is really a privilege for me. Compared to my birth place in Malaysia, Penang, Singapore is so much better, safer, cleaner, advanced, and the list just goes on. I know people complain alot about the hectic lives here, how the standard of living here may be high but people are not happy. I feel that you can be happy anytime, anywhere, it really doesn't matter where you are or what occasion. If you keep feeling that you'll be happier somewhere else, you won't be happy here! During a mass civics session, a korean girl talked about why she came all the way here to study. And her reason was because the environment here is more relaxed and less competitive compared to Korea. After hearing what she said, I felt even more appreciative about being able to study here in Singapore. If my mom had not persisted in sending us (me and my sisters) to Singapore to study, I would still be in Malaysia learning malay and taking my exams in chinese! Not that it's anything bad, but ok, I don't wanna criticize my birth country's education system. LOL ok then people will think I'm being ridiculous for comparing Singapore and Malaysia cos Singapore is evidently more developed. But compared to any other place in the world, no other country is as small as Singapore, no other country have citizens as close-knitted as Singapore, and no other country feels more like home than in Singapore. I'm not saying Singapore is perfect, but it's enough for us to be happy about. 

Ya I hate Singapore's weather too but I rather it be hot than a heavy downpour.

Soooo talking about National Day. I can't help but remember how my sec school volleyball teammates and I dancing to Abracadabra just 2 years ago! It was really one of the most memorable experiences I had in sec school, having to shake my ass infront of the whole school HAHAHAHAH.

So this year's ndp celebration in ajc was obviously BORING compared to sec school. I think most people can agree with me on this. FYI IT WAS ALL OVER TWITTER LOL. Sat at the back with Queenie Vivian and Weisze. All Vivian and Weisze did was play multiplayer big 2 while Queenie and I strain out necks to watch the performance on stage. Not forgetting how Queenie shouted across the hall in an attempt to sabotage Mr Chua on stage for the games part. HAHAHA. And the sing-along session was damn fail cos nobody sang! :( I remember how no matter how loud I shout, my voice will still be drowned in the voices of the school population singing the ndp songs together. I really miss that. And how the school will play the national anthem at the end and we all sang so loudy and that was the volume the teachers wanna hear us sing at everyday during flag raising hahahahahahahaha impossible, we save our voices for special events. 

Anyway I spent my National Day studying at Starbucks with Marz :( I know I lead a very sad life especially when I scroll through twitter and I don't get what everyone is tweeting about cos they are all watching the ndp parade. HAHAHAH. O.O I laugh when I'm sad.

HAHAH oh oh, head home after ndp celebration showered and rested and went out with my younger sister!!! Bought so many stuffs for people and totally forgot about myself. Nevermind, at least we had pizza and apple crumble for dinz. HEHE

Went to Marz house and met up with Rasyidah and Farhan for futsal afterwards. I went there solely to catch up on my friends. Glad I get to catch up with Farhan for awhile, yes awhile because half the time he's bombing sarcasm or begging me to decorate him tumbler for him T_T can't believe I agreed to help him decorate his tumbler. It's gonna take up so much of my time!!! Ok fine.

It's 2.33am now and...I should prolly head to bed. Goodnight! <3>

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