Saturday, August 4, 2012

You come along because I love your face

It's pouring outside and I just had biology tuition in the morning. I have lots of work to do during the weekend but I thought I'll take a break before starting on them. I'm too excited for National Day holidays. Not cos it's Singapore's birthday, but cos I needed this break so badly and it's finally coming. I'm so tired. 

Anyway yesterday was a super bad day. I think I affected many people's mood as well cos I was feeling really really down. Ahhh so sorry. I didn't even realise how rude I was to Jiawei when he said hi to me until he told me. 

I have no idea what I blogged for the past two posts that made me forget about the special night out with my girlies. HAHAHA, I'm counting Yuyang as a girl I don't care.

Sheela and I

Hi Tommy.
Oh Tommy is Yuyang's nickname. I forgot how the hell it came about. And oh look, my black roots are soooo hideous and I don't care. Ok actually I do, but what can I do right. And oh (third oh in this paragraph) nooooooo I'M HUNCHING!!! I hate it when I hunch but I think I'm starting to develop this really really bad habit! It's like, why the hell am I hunching when my boobs are not even heavy at all.

Alright boobs and hunching aside, Xintien's birthday completely slipped my mind! But at least I wished her at midnight and turned out she was actually waiting for me to wish her already. Like whaaaat.
Strawberry Shortcake from Four Leaf! I chose this cake by the way heheh

For those having a bad day, look at this...
SO CUUUUUTE!!!! My brother yawned in the midst of camwhoring with my younger sister! HAHAHAHA, who the hell yawns so randomly?! 

Anyway I wonder if people thinks I'm thickskin when I keep calling my brother cute. Hahaha, ok maybe I'm thinking too much.

So this was taken during math lecture. Hahahah what can I say? We were too bored.

Anyway do you know that males are going extinct soon? This is because males possess both X and Y chromosome while females have 2 X chromosomes. Males used to have more genes that codes for physical traits like bigger body build and greater strength so that they could hunt better. But due to civilization, males have evolved to become more gentler creatures. I think we can include how more and more guys are becoming gays. So the Y chromosome is getting shorter because those genes are no longer required. That's how efficient our bodies are, things we don't need, our body gets rid of them. Slowly, the Y chromosome might become similar to the X chromosome and males will go extinct!!! Anyway, this doesn't happen to females because we have duplicates of X chromosome. Only one of our X chromosome is expressed while the other is inactive.

Ok I'm not so sure if the explanations are scientifically accurate but you got the main idea lah.

One more thing:

So in case the words are too small, here's the bigger and more detailed version from the Internet:
The first characteristic of people with "Alexandria's Genesis" is their eye color. When someone is born with this genetic mutation, the eyes are either blue or gray at birth. At six months, the eyes begin their transformation from the original color to purple. This process is completed by the person's first birthday. A second process, where the eye color deepens, starts as soon as the first is completed. This slow process continues until the onset of puberty. By then, the eye will have become a dark purple, a deep purple, a royal purple, or a violet-blue color, and will be that color for the rest of their time. These changes do not affect the person's eyesight, though. If anything, the eyesight is, and remains until death, 20/20.

Speaking of puberty, those who have the mutation will never grow any facial, body, pubic, or anal hair during this stage of growth. In fact, the only hair they will ever have is what is on their heads, in their ears and nose, their eyebrows, and their eyelashes. Women also have an added bonus beyond never having to shave: never buying tampons or pads. It turns out that females born with "Alexandria's Genesis" never menstruate in their lives. They are fertile, however, and can go through the same things that women without the mutation can go through every month. Beyond these differences, those with the mutation go through puberty as normally as everyone else does.

Below are all of the characteristics of "Alexandria's Genesis."

Clear, silver-like purple eyes (after 1st birthday; deepen in color until onset of puberty)

No facial or body hair growth beyond what was already there at birth

Dark brown or black hair

Shimmering white skin that resist tanning and burning

Lack of menstruation cycle (in women)

Highly evolved immune system (has been known to resist every disease known to man so far)

Appear 5-20 years younger (after the age of 21, the aging process slows down greatly; it stops completely between the ages of 40-50)

Long life span (ranges from 130-170 years)

Perfect vision

Never overweight (their metabolism prevents the gaining of too much fat [a.k.a., partial lipodystophy])

Well-developed and proportioned bodies

Found mainly in women of Euro-American descent

Women are the primary carriers of the mutation

Children born from mothers with the mutation are also carriers

Mutation remains active generation after generation

Mutation grows stronger generation after generation
How unfair. HAHAHA these people are really blessed.

I realised I haven't talked about Pretty Little Liars yet!!! After much confusion, debating with friends and whatsoever, I wanna predict that A is Aria!!! I know it's really ridiculous to say this especially when she was the victim of A herself but I feel that it's highly possible after how the movie have fucked  my brain cells up countless times. Initially I thought A was Ezra, then Jenna, then Garette, then Ian, Melissa, Mona, Lucas. Ahhhhh it has gotta be Aria. And maybe that's why at the introduction, she gets to put her fingers to her lips! And how she's somehow the main lead among the three other girls. And during season one, hints were dropped that A has a typewriter and beautiful eyes. Aria could use Ezra's typewriter since she has the key to his apartment and she has the most beautiful eyes among the girls. And she is the best liar among the girls too. There were several instances where the girls needed someone to lie about something and they picked Aria cos she was the best liar. And she also managed to hide the fact that she had sex with Ezra from her friends! Ok, I need to continue watching to confirm my suspicion. Ciao!

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