Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steal some covers, share some skin

Holidays are all gone too soon. Fasting month is already ending, and the 7th month have started. I always tell myself to enjoy my holidays or extended weekends, but each time the holiday ends, I feel empty once again. All the stress of exams and school work kicks in and it's just a horrible feeling all over again. :( I really dislike school, but what can I do without good qualification in Singapore? I keep telling myself I'll be successful in future, I'll make sure I be successful, if not all these efforts I put in are going down the drain. 

So last Sunday, instead of heading to my grandparents' place (as usual) for dinner, we went to Aunt Irene's house for steamboat/bbq dinner! She is a really successful woman and I aspire to be just like her in future. I think she is one of the higher rank people in charge of Suntec City. Ok not too sure, but she does marketing stuffs. 

Her house stood out in the whole row of terrace houses because she spent 600K renovating the entire house, including the exterior.

Every room has a walk-in wardrobe!

I always thought living in these kind of houses is a dream too good to be true. But look! My Aunt's children have NEVER lived in a HDB flat before. And her house is majestic. It's like crazy. I don't even know how to describe her house. The dogs have the entire balcony for themselves to roam about. I thought it was really smart of them to have black flooring tiles because it looks very modern! I promise I'll work hard to live in this kind of house too.

Of course the dinner was awesome. My Aunt was really generous with her food servings. I mean, of course she have to be generous. LOL she's so rich... My Uncle offered my Original Belgian Wheat Beer. It was my first time drinking it, and I finished the whole bottle by myself! So proud, but I definitely won't be proud if I end up drunk. Thank god I was still sober hahaha, apparently it wasn't THAT alcoholic but my face and body did turn red! 

Not really sure why the redness clump together like a big patch there.

And my face!


The previous Saturday, I went to break fast (buka) with my muslim friends at Geylang! I didn't tell my parents I was going geylang though. I told them I was going Paya Lebar. HAHAHA it's the same actually. It feels like secondary school all over again. I think I'm being very whiny and boring cos I keep talking about my sec school mates but they are really the best lot of friends I've had so far.

HAHAHA we oppa-gangnum-styled ALL THE WAY MAN.
All: EHHHHHHHH (sexy ladaye~)

Oppa Gangnum Style is my favourite kpop song now HAHAHAHA so addictive and high. I love it.
FYI, I am NO fan of Kpop HAHAHA

Maria and I with our pretty henna!

Me while I was doing my henna. It costed me 10bucks but it was totally worth it. It was my first time doing it HAHAHA so suaku. To be honest, there are still many many things I haven't tried before in Singapore. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS OMG. I haven't been to Escape Theme Park, I really wanna go there at least once but people keep telling me not to cos it's no fun. HAHA, and I haven't been to USS yet too. :( Runfa said he'll bring me...

This was how my henna turned out a few days later. Unfortunately the glitter didn't stay! It will be so much nicer if there's more colours to it than brown. Pretty cool to have it as a temporary tattoo.

Since we were at Paya Lebar, we decided to head down to Dakota for some beancurd at Lao Ban! I bought 6 boxes home for my family and ended up finishing 3 of them HAHAHA. Really nice, and I don't think it's overrated at all! Most beancurd pudding like this are really rough and powdery. Lao Ban's one is very smooth and soft. HAHA, ok it's just very nice.


This week of school was made more interesting with secret plannings for Weisze's birthday as well as our mac breakfast on Thursday! All of us went to school early to have mac breakfast. Gotta thank Weisze for buying it for us. HAHAHA, not easy for her cos she had to carry 7 burgers from macs to school! I thought we should have this like once every week so we'll be excited for school. HAHAHA at least for that day! But there was a problem.... I realised. HAHA a very weird problem in fact. I had to wake up only 10 minutes earlier than the usual time I wake up every morning, but I couldn't survive through lectures without sleeping that day. That day, Vivian and I just KO-ed during bio lecture. HAHAHA. I just felt exceptionally lethargic that day, but the breakfast was awesome!!! I will still love to have it once every week hehe! Cos my first period is a break, aka sleeping time!



Did lots of planning for this day to come and for this day to be successful! Turned out everything was a huge huge success!!! Planned to make a brain with the words "it's the thought that counts" behind it and wrap it around with lots and lots of newspapers and finally a wrapping paper. HAHAHA, so we gave that present to her first, which she spent alot of time unwrapping. When she found out it was a brain, she thought we're implying that she have no brains! HAHAHA, I want to believe that she was tricked into believing we really didn't prepare any presents for her HAHAHA. Anyway everything was video-ed down on weisze's iphone, and we're not sharing it. :P After that, we surprised her with the birthday cake, and successfully smashed it into her face. WAIT NO, we smashed her face into the cake HAHAHAH. IT WAS DAMN FUNNY HAHAHA, thank god I ran far far away with Queenie and was safe from the cake attack HAHAHA. Anyway the cake was Oreo Cheesecake from POLAR and it tastes really good! Except they tricked us by putting a thick layer of cream at the bottom. Then finally, we gave weisze the real birthday present we bought for her. It's a polaroid! HAHA, the 6 of us (Queenie, Vivian, Xinyi, Tessa, Joey and I) chipped in money to buy it for her. She was so happy!!! So happy to see her happy. The whole birthday surprise was a great success!!! I can't wait for the next birthday bash!

Had Din Tai Fung for dinner after that at Nex (Serangoon). My first time trying it and it was really good! The price was good too hahaha. Had xiao long bao, some prawn fried thing, peanut sauce noodle and hot&spicy soup. I wanna eat there again someday!


Had overnight study with Maria and Jonathan. Maria practically slept all the way. She was really tired :( I had fun chatting with Jon too! It's been so long since we last chatted like this. Actually I rarely hang out with him. In school, everytime we walk past each other, we just tease each other about the size of each other's eyes. My eyes are OBVIOUSLY bigger than his. And I'll tease him about how his timing for 2.4km is so good cos he roll. HAHAHA and he talked about the first time he went clubbing he don't know how to dance. And I'm like: WHAAAAT, clubbing songs are totally for you man. Like 'they see me rollin', they hatin'." HAHAHA that's the part when he's supposed to show off his rolling skills. HAHAHA OK so bad. But so fun to tease each other like this.

So afterwards we chatted about the 7th month and death. I'm pretty much a free thinker rather than a buddist because I stopped praying and I still eat beef. I have no altar in my house, and I don't really believe in anything pertaining to buddhism. I told him how I feel about death. That death to me is a peaceful thing. It's like being given a second chance to live again. Instead of looking at it as an end to life, there's a more positive way to thinking that it's the beginning of a new life. When my popo passed away, my family members and I tried to explain to my 7 year old brother what happened to her. I didn't know what to say. When we say "you're never gonna see popo again" his reply was "you kidding me right. I don't believe you." I don't expect a 7 year old to be able to accept the fact that someone who once took care of him is gone forever. I mean, I understand. And maybe, he don't understand, that's why. In the end, I told him that popo is now one of the angels in the sky. And what angels do is look over people. Each time a good thing happen to us, we should always remember to thank them and not take them for granted. At the same time, successes can be attributed to ourselves as well. Sometimes we work hard, that's why we succeed. Not because we pray hard.

Random photos!
Starbucks with Maria on National Day. Yes I spent my National Day studying. :(

I used to use $10 notes as my storybook bookmarks. But then this day, I really gotta use it, so I replaced it with a mentos sweet wrapper I found in my bag HAHAHA.

A striking resemblance between Jingwei and Feng Tian Wei HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sorry I don't have a better picture of Feng Tian Wei. HAHAHAHA

Another meal chaoyi made for me a long long time ago. I forgot when was it, but I finished every single bit of it. Really love it when he cooks for me <3 p="p">

Noel loves him! Noel don't take pictures with anyone but he takes pictures with chaoyi! So unfair...but kinda good though, it mean chaoyi is good with kids. HAHAHA bonus points for him!

Chaoyi's itouch is in my hands now so I'm gonna download lots of camera apps and camwhore!!! HAHAHA, and games too! YAY YAY YAY, I hope this week pass as slowly as possible so I can keep his itouch with me for a longer time. MUAHAHAHAHAHA ok.

End here, gonna camwhore one last pic with Xintien before I finally hit the showers and then bio lecture notes and then finally sleep, again. BYE!

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