Sunday, June 5, 2011



Farewell to my second family.


Farewell to my one and only coach.

Sorry for not blogging for two whole weeks, seriously busy omgah. I know it's stupid to say this cos it's already the holidays. Yea, and may I remind everyone that this is the holidays? Pfft, this feels worst than normal school days I swear. At least on a normal school day, I get to go to school late on a tuesday and go home at 12.30pm sharp on a Friday (partying partying yeah). :( But at least I should say that homeworks are manageable. I just hope the teachers finish the syllabus within these two weeks of intensive. I actually have study plans during my holidays okay, I guess most of the teachers didnt expect so but I believe most of us students have already started planning for our revisions. And these two weeks of intensive is stressing us out and disrupting our plans. Alright, for olevels (smiles). Yeap, like what sheela said. This is a psychological thing, whenever you say olevels and you smile, you feel better and happier when talking about olevels and not stressed out. Yeap, for the sake of my olevels (smiles), Im taking this two weeks of intensive positively alrights! I just need to get my sleeping time back. Slept till noon last night and I cant seem to fall asleep now.

Anyways, yeap farewell. Teachers werent expecting our batch to prepare anything so it was held on a Friday. We were soooo busy I swear, I only had time to make a card for coach. :( Well, I also did two friendship bands la. I made a purple and white one and it's gorgeous I swear. I'm gonna make one for myself as well, so I have identical ones with my LULULOVE. HAHAHA, qiuheng. After I left the team, I swear I was most worried for qiuheng. Cos I partnered her for almost all the drills, and I think I know how to push her and make her feel more determined. I'm not sure if her determination died down yet, dont give up lulu! All my juniors were so cute that day, I swear even those juniors we all hated and found irritating were super cute yesterday.

And Pan and I found out that SHILEE IS BOONKIAT'S SISTER. OMGOSHHHH, :O I SWEAR IT'S SHOCKING. Ok, and shilee is much more cuter than expected. We all had really bad impression of her man, but turned out omg awww, so cute. HAHHAHA, and wth la boonkiat. Anyways the buffet food was awesome. I love the jelly omg, I seriously wanted to eat rice with it I swear. HAHAHA. Was quite full that day cos I ate mcspicy before that. LOLOL OK DUMB LA I KNOW. Settled down in the hall, looking at all the friendship bands and teaching pantita to sing pengyou by zhou hua jian. That song rocks. Then settled down in 2-1 classroom. Got ready for the performance. Aw the sec ones are sho cute. HAHAHA, then the sec twos doing silly and cute dances and singing songs. Alot of singing songs.

When you're gone - Avril Lavigne

Everybody Hurts - Avril Lavigne

Count on me - Bruno Mars

If you ever come back - The Script

Peng you - Zhou Hua Jian

I Never Told You - Colbie Calliat

Tong Hua - Guang Liang

HAHAHA, all songs rocks la LOL. Cried while they sang Tong Hua because Qiuheng cried, and all of a sudden I just felt so sad. I mean also touched that she feels sad, and also sad that I cant do throw ball drills and crap around with her during trainings. Whats more I just finish reading her letter for me when she started crying. Ya, I'm sad that we're not talking as often as we used to before i stepped down as well. I wanna meet her soon, like real soon. If not it will be after O's and what can we talk about then right? Yes, pls meet up soon. HAHAHA. I love all the letter notes and gifts. I mean even if I got only one note, I'm happy enough. But I got alot. Thanks alot, I especially love Kelly's. I thought she misunderstood me all along I swear, ok I shall write everything on Grad's Day ok. LOLOL. Coach's gift is the awesomest. So cool la my gawd. I'm just happy that at least people had something for me la, like they have something to write for me. And I can tell those cute little juniors spent alot of money! Buying necklaces for us, designing the cakes and so on. HAIYOOOO, ok I wont nag. HAHAHA.

Got ready to shower afterwards. I really took my own sweet time to shower and it felt really nice ok. HAHAHA. Wanyi can't stop laughing at how I brush my teeth, LOL. She laugh until even more joke than me and pan la. HAHAHA! Waiting for Pan to upload the photos mannn. Ok la, I dont think got alot of my photos also. HAHA. I must say I had quite a nice sleep compared to other camps or overnights I had. Sleeping in the hall is so cooling, maybe cos of the fans I dont know. I shared sleeping bag with yuping and I woke up about 4 times in the middle of the night. Stood up to see if anyone's awake and decided to go back to sleep in case I see something weirdddd. HAHAHA, and I was damn cold I swear. And I ended up taking the whole sleeping bag and yuping slept on the floor. OMG SO SORRY! But I didnt realise it, I think I got so comfortable after having the whole sleeping bag that I didnt wake up afterwards. Cos the next time I opened my eyes, everyone was already up and only me & pan is still sleeping. HAHAHAHA. shiok leh, we should all sleep in the hall next time seriously. It's more comfortable.

Went out afterwards. Ate prata in the morning with pan and she set off for combined school training while I went home. Showered prepared and went out with HEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Ok la, actually I would love to say his name but I feel weird everytime I call his name okay. HAHAHA. I should just oi him. LOL. OK I WONT ELABORATE OK, later you all puke. HAHAHAHA. But we watched xmen, it was quite nice. But I hate it that the blue girl joined the bad people :( But got following episodes la, and till the end I still dont know whose xmen and whose wolverine. Hate this kind of show that purposely make us watch the next one. But ya la, it's quite nice lo. Tskkk. HAHAHA. went shopping at NEX. EHHH QUITE NICE TO SHOP LEH, and it's quite big also. I dont think we walked all the places but we just kept going round and round and still ends up at the same spot. HAHAHA. And I bought a very very cute coin purse at st.louis for only $4.90 omg. Cheap and nice, somemore branded and it's real leather. Damn worth it and I'm glad my mom love it! HEHE.

I wanna shop at NEX again with my friends! HAHAHA, cos I didnt really go into the shops I wanted to go. And I drank gongcha again, golden ovaltine is so nice. I keep having cravings for it. So happy that there's gongcha now at SSC! Nearer than amk la gawd. Now we can just train to sembawang and get it. WOOHOO, life's good now.

I can't wait for Tuesday. ^^

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