Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everything hidden in tiny pieces, waiting for you to notice and I only want you.


PS: Apparently this is the largest fountain in the world.

AH SO CUTE, I love this photo. So candid and nice.

Stupid Rasyidah's eye, so sensitive to flashes siah.

HALRIGHT, guess whose the boss. HAHAHA.


HAHA, Rasyidah finally uploaded the pictures so I guess I'm gonna roughly talk about what happened that day ok. Cos that day is seriously fun and unforgettable. Aiya, actually I only remember the last part but ok nevermind. I try squeezing out some of my brain juice.

Planned to go all the way to Suntec for book fair again. Omg we all book worms. HAHAHA, we spent quite a while searching for that place. Went to the Fountain of Wealth to make a wish and it's really cool you know. We had to touch the water with our right hand and make a wish. Well I only made one wish, and I'm so doubtful whether the wish is gonna come true now. -sighs- nevermind. Ok then after we made a wish, we had to walk around the fountain 3 times. Ok, we're not really sure if it will work but it's definitely worth a try. What's more it's my first time making a wish like that, I mean I made wishes before but that's like before blowing out my candles? LOLOL. Yaaa, so it's quite cool. But I didnt really wish for anything related to wealth leh how. OK LA, I think wealth can mean alot of things. Hopefully it comes true laaa! :)

Then we asked around for directions and realised we had to cross a small but super busy road. It's like if there are no cars coming in straight, they'll be cars coming in from the sides. So we were so lazy to use the traffic lights we just dashed across the road. And to think about it, I think dashing across that road was what kinda make that day memorable as well. HAHAHA, you know how long we waited to cross the bloody road?! I swear at least 5minutes ok. LOL, I would love to exaggerate but 5minutes is long enough la.

Finally reached that book place, that place look like some hotel or something. And I think there's some cosplay thingy, ok la I dont know how to spell that stupid thing. But we see alot of weird people everywhere dressed up in funny clothes. So we were actually looking around to see if any of our schoolmates were involved in this cool thing. HAHAHA. Reached the book fair, I dont really know whats wrong but I think the rest of them was quite disappointed with the book fair. Not as much books as expected but I just wanted to spend my time with them and not buy books anyway. HAHAHAHA, and cute little lucky girl me found a book by JODI PICOULT. I know I'm cool. LOLOL, I gave that book to Rasyidah cos I didnt wanna buy it. But it was a really good buy, so she bought it in the end. I read the first few pages, omg la addicted. It's really damn nice. One damn interesting thing about the character in the story is he freaks out at orange. HAHAHA, why so cute right. HAHAHA, I also dont know why. LOLOL, I think need to continue reading then will know why is that so la. JODI PICOULT ROCKS. HMM, I did bought something in the end. It's a very very cute little diary omg, I love diaries. I mean I dont actually like to use them, but they're so cute. YA, and it's really hard to find nice ones. Whats more this one that i found have got a cover, and stickers! And it had calendar and dates. AIYA IT'S DAMN NICE LA OK. I feel like collecting them. HAHAHA.

Then went to have dinner at Pizzahut. Was lining up for fish&co at first, but the line was too long. Anyway, I miss pizzahut sho much! :( what happened to cwp. OH YA AND I HAVENT TRY FRESHNESS BUGER!!! D;

OH YA OH YAAAA, before heading back home we went to the fountain again! OMG SO NICEEEE, people get to write dedications to their friends for free. And their dedications will appear on the fountain! I dont know how to explain la, but it's damn cool. Zena and Farhan went to check out how to get our names up there. AND YES! OURS APPEARED. It's damn cool I swear. I still remember us smsing our dedications to some countdown show this year, and it never appeared. But this time it did. I swear I was damn happy.

Anyway, I thought today was supposed to be a happy day. Ya but everything sucks unfortunately. I'm sorry I have to say this like for almost every post. Thats cos the person thats supposed to see this isn't reading my blog, and that's sad. Nevermind.

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