Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Happy Birthday Pantita!

It's finally your birthday omg, were you so excited? HAHAHA, I really hope you like the presents I gave you, I wanna see you use them! I know I've given you the three paged long card with a photo on each page, but that's not really emotional right? NO FUN! I'm gonna write one more now. HEHE.

Do you know that actually I'm really jealous of you? I'm jealous how you're good in sports, ALL KINDS OF SPORTS. How when you want something, you get it. Let's talk about something you really wanted but you didnt get it. None. You wanted a blackberry, you got it. You wanted a macbook, you got it. You wanted to do well in Art, you topped it. You wanted to excel in volleyball, you're the most valuable player. And that time when you told me you wanted a macbook and you're not sure if you can get it, my immediate answer was "you beg somemore confirm get liao." And it's really true. I went on to say "what did you want but didnt get?" And you told me "A car." At that point I was really jealous, cos you're so rich you can talk about car now. For me, I think I'll have to wait for a good ten to twenty years. You'll get a car, really.

And my allowance is not as much as yours, eventhough I keep telling myself that my allowance is already alot. Really, I still thinks my allowance is alot. It's like, what can I eat right? -.- but compared to you, when you can go shopping like anytime cos you got tons of money in your wallet, I feel so... I dont know what to say. Really, all these are what I really felt when you say somethings to me. And when I told you I cut my hair at those salon under the blocks, I really didnt see anything wrong with that. You shot me a face. Sorry but I still couldnt wash that face off my head. Trust me, that face costed a big hammer on my heart. I couldnt believe my friend would look at me that way. And whats more, I couldnt imagine what went through your mind.

And everytime you cry, I dont know how to comfort you. I will be like "why you cry?" And your answer will always be "I dont know, I just felt like crying." And I couldnt say "Dont sad." Cos you're not. I couldnt say "Everything will be okay." Cos nothing is wrong. You know, you get what I mean? I mean like, you cry out of a sudden and leave me completely dumbfounded. But I will always do something I'm good at, and that's talking to you about random things, you'll laugh eventually. HAHAHA, and if you realised, that's what I always do when you cry.

That is all the things I dont like about you, BUTTTT (pigu), I love a million more things about you. I fucking love your laughter now, damn contagious. It goes like "HAHAHAHAHA", k imitation fail. -,- Remember the times when we started off damn close immediately. We would go around judging people, I say he's hot and you say he's not. I say I dont like her, and you say OMG SAMEEE! HAHAHA, as always. We can do things as silly as stepping around the floor tiles, thinking that we would be the first to step on some space. Not many people understood what we meant when we said that, but you knew exactly what I was talking about. And we would say the same things at the same time and laugh like oh-my-jesus-lord. We hate the same people, think about the same things, have same opinions, omg. We even had menses on the same day for four months. After that no more, cos you went thailand is it? LOL, I forgot. But omg four months. It's the most accurate blood test to prove that we're sisters. HAHAHA, sisters is a better word for best friends right! Honoured? HEHE.

And sometimes I just suck at describing how I feel, I just say "It's like... you know" And you will be like "Ya, I know." Do you know that's the most comforting words ever. I didnt say anything and you knew exactly what I was talking about, how I was feeling, what I wanted to do, and why I did that. It's totally awesome. Cos most people will go like "huh?" And I couldnt be bothered by them to continue explaining, cos there're just some emotions that simply cannot be broken down into words. But we sisters have got telepathy, zzzzzzz. HAHAHA. And I looked at yours and my formspring questions, LOLOL. Do you know that for quite a few questions, we have the same answers? LOLOLOL, unless you copy my answers la! But I sumpa I never copy yours.

Btw, I trust you, alot. I never and wont ever doubt you. And I really hate it when people tell me things about you that I dont know. Cos I should know you more than them you know? That kind of thing, so when people tell me something I dont know I'll stomp to you and say "TELL MEH EVERAYETHANG." LOL joking. But aiya, you get what I mean la. It's like, I got a bf and I go and tell diviyanth, and he come and tell you. YOU ANGRY? LOL. COS I NEVER TELL YOU, I TELL HIM. ANGRY? LOLOLOL, btw, that is just an example. That name out of nowhere, I swear. LOL.

Of course, everybody love your hugs. It squeezes all my worries away. And I find it amazing how when a funny thing is told, only you and I laugh like mad dogs and the rest will just stare at us. HAHAHAHA, wait I can't remember that thing we always laugh at. SHITTTT, my bad memory. LOL. And I can never forget the day when we went to cwp together, you damn bloody hyper la. We were laughing all the way from the time we stepped into cwp to the time we left. And I even asked you "eh what's wrong with you ah, why today you so lame." and you said "I also dont know, hahahaha." And we both continued laughing like mad. LOL, I swear someone who have been spying on us would have brought us to IMH. Seriously.

Are you crying? D: Dont cry, eventhough I felt like crying when I wrote all these. Cos I can't imagine the day when you go back to Thailand. I can't imagine. ):

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