Saturday, March 26, 2011

It ain't about the money.

Sorry for not updating for soooo long, I APOLOGISE! Anyways, I wanna update about my one-week March holidays. HAHA, I know it's abit overdue-d la, but I just wanna talk about it okayyy.

Went over to Matthio's house to celebrate his birthday on Sunday, I really love going to his house la. His house is so nice, the only thing I dont really like is his dog. K his dog is quite cute, but I'm scared of it. No, it's no use asking me to ignore him or anything, I dont like furry furry things. EEE, I remember I was 5 years old or something, I went to my Auntie's house and her dog chased me around the house. I dont know if it's because I was small then or anything, but I swear that dog is humongous. REALLY, his feet is alot bigger than my hand. OMG, but something happened to the dog, I cant remember what is it. it's damn scary la, that's why I dont like animals. I can only keep fishes. HAHAHA. But I find it quite troublesome to clean the fish tank also leh -,- I find it more interesting to clean a baby's butt. HAHAHA. Anyways at Matthio's house, we do what we usually do, play with his playstation. I know how to play leh! I was the only girl playing, thats why I very noob.I only won one round cos I paired with Rano, the rest all lose cos I partner with lousy guys. HAHAHA. I hate it when I spot that guy first and he kill me in the end. WALAU, and I hate it when they wanna use sniper, it's so irritating. K I sound so guyish, not cool. LOL, I should go like IMMA BARBIEGURL, IN A BARBIEWORLD. LOL, k la lame.

As usual, we all got good food to eat! The guys went down to swim and play flour and curry powder afterwards and we girls stayed at the living room, chatting about all sorts of stuffs. LOL, that last time we went there, everyone was single except Xiaojun and Yuping. This time we went, everyone is attached except Xiaojun and Yuping. CUTE SIAH. HAHAHA We were quite reluctant to go downstairs cos we had so much fun chatting and gossiping about everything. And afterwards Matthio's sister joined in with us for a short while, and she said something that made so much sense I couldnt forget it. "If I tell you he's a vampire, slowly you'll think he has exceptionally fair skin, red lips, sharp teeth, and eventually you'll think he look like edward." It's so true! It's like how people can just crap about a girl, and say she doesnt shower. Slowly you'll think you smell something when she walk past you, and that she looks dirty, and no wonder her hair looks so oily. And no wonder everytime we talk about shampoo she have nothing to say. However, if we didnt talk about her not showering in the first place, we wouldnt even make such assumptions that whatever part of her could be because she didnt shower. Do you guys understand what I mean not? hmmm, I think slowly you will. Cos I didnt quite get what matthio's sister meaant at first as well. [btw, I wasn't referring to anybody. LOL it's just an example.]

Went downstairs to the bbq pit and we girls got damn irritated. The guys took forever to set up the pit, and when the fire is finally going to be ready, everyone decided to go back up to matthio's balcony to bbq at his automatic bbq grill. But the guys were really gentlemen afterwards cos they let the girls have the first round of cooked chickens. Omg it taste heavenly. MAKE ME FEEL LIKE EATING NOW WALAU. Anyways, throughout the entire trip, I was quite bored la. Cos my phone never ring one. ): LOLOL. I was worried also okayyyy. Occasionally I'll make trips to the second floor toilet. And I saw this really cute thing on top of the toilet bowl "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie." HAHAHA. SO CUTEEEE. We finally decided to go home at around 11 going to be 12am. We took a cab, I think the price is really worth it. (:

When school reopened, everyone is talking about the Choir Concert coming up. Girls fretting about what to wear. HAHA, I'll be wearing my chinese new year dress. YAY. BTW, Choir Concert is in a few hours time! It's now 1.15pm. HAHAHA. I'm so excited, but I dont know what I'm excited about. LOL.

I AM SO HAPPY YTD! BECAUSE THERE IS NO PHYSICS EXCELLLL, that's like the best thing to hear when I'm about to fall asleep during physics lesson. My eyes immediately pop open, and I couldnt stop 'yay-ing'. HAHAHA. Yingjie and I stayed back after school to do our class flag. The design is nice, of course drawing on the flag was quite a challenge. I drew most parts of the dragon while yingjie drew the letters. WE ARE SO PROUD OF OURSELVES, cos everyone's reaction upon seeing our flag is "OMG, VERY NICEEEEE." and all those. HAHAHA, it's really the best and most successful design we've ever drawn out. As in, everytime me and yingjie design something, we will have really fantastic ideas, but it all turned out different. We are so happie that we marched around the school to show off our flag and we went all over to look for Ms Siti. Her reactions was super encouraging, yayyy. I'm so happy. HAHAHA, I hope we win the best flag design! Yes, we're gonna win it. After school, met up with Pantita. We went to take our pay at Clarke Quay. I knew I would only be able to take less than 50 but more than 40 bucks. But Pantita think so much, influence me also. We thought we're gonna have more than 50dollars la. Turned out I only got $44, nevermind, good enough. HAHA. We headed to bugis to buy koi, and walked around until we finished our koi and ihearttaimei food. The bbq chicken damn nice siah. The only thing we found there that is really nice and trendy bangles/bracelets selling 3 for $10. I love all those that I bought. Then we went over to Somerset's New Look. Bought two tanktops, walau. Going no money already. LOL, I just got my pay and spent finish my pay. OMG, serious. Then headed to Forever 21 to look for Pantita's dress. She wanna buy dress, shoe and bag. WAHHH. No dress, she's gonna wear heels! So excited. HAHAHA, went home late ):

Anyways, I just came back from school just now after my solo chemistry make-up lesson with Ms Siti. HAHA. It was damn fast la, less then half an hour then go home already. Ms Siti thought I was with Runfa, LOL. I think all teachers thought I'm with Runfa la. Ms Siti, Mr Soong and Mr Roy I think. HAHAHA. Anyways, after my lesson, I went to the hall. I miss everything there so much, I miss volleyball, coach, the net the court. I just wanna take a ball and smack it so hard, serve a ball, set a nice high ball. Anyways, I'm not gonna join/continue volleyball in jc I think, esp after what xinlerk told me. Hmm, I think she makes sense. But I wanna go back to help Coach after my olevels. ^^ I still wanna play volleyball okayz. Oh ya, xinlerk is in Sarawak. I'm so happy I got to hug her before she left. I miss you dajie. HAHAHA.

Oh ya, sorry but I'm not gonna elaborate or even summarize that day when I went to KTV with Pantita, Sheela and Maria. It was really fun and it's my first time going to KTV! HAH, eventhough we spent quite abit of money, but I think it's worth it ^^ We made full use of their free stuffs. -winkwink- It's the first time Sheela and Maria tried KOI, nice right! Now I wanna try Gongcha. My sister told me to try Honey Ovaltine. I think I spelt/ remember it correctly. LOL. Some say it's even nicer than koi, and my sister say it's cheaper. OMG, so excited to try it someday.

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