Friday, March 11, 2011


Ahoy everyonez.

I am sho happy after replying to my questions on formspring cos I receive this really unexpected, yet encouraging comment from one of my loyal readers of my blog. I am sooo happy! Thank you for reading my blog, anyways feel free to leave any questions for me in my askbox. I love answering them, and I can promise I wont be stingy with my answer. They'll at least have two fullstops. HAHAHAHA. Oh ya, I wont be posting my answers on blogger cos it will flood the page really uglily, so unfortunately for that, you guys will have to click on my formspring account to view your replies. My formspring account is TANXINPEI.

Anyways, I just came back from school after MEET-THE-PARENTS SESSION. I can tell my father is kinda irritated as we three sisters went to the same school, and every year we each have two sessions like this. Omg, I can totally imagine myself in his shoes. Having to listen to Mrs Kok nag about the same old thing all over again, using the same boring quotes. LOL, so I wont really blame my father for complaining. Put that aside, I wanna say what happens after that. After the talk, my father and I walked out of the theatrette to find that all the lights at not turned on, it's really damn dark. AND MY FATHER IS SO SWEET, he held my hands and we walked together. It's been soooo long since we last held helds, I swear it's damn sweet. Eventhough we havent been on really good terms lately, but afterall he's my father, and I understand I shouldnt be an unfilial kid and treat him badly. So most of the times now I hardly rebel him and stuffs, or maybe there's not much to rebel about cos he wont bother to talk to me that much now. Yea, I think I disappoint him too much with my super bad attitude D: I always know I'm in the wrong, trust me, I always do. Eventhough sometimes I will reason everything out like it's not my fault, but that's what people do you know. You get angry and pissed off, everything seems unfair to you, you wanna get everything right and you start to tell stories in a completely different way that favours you more than the other party. -sighs- humans.

Argh, I wanna post about many many things but all of them can't be disclosed. Sorrie. Before today, I was already in a holiday mood. Yesterday felt like Friday I swear, I even had afternoon nap until 8pm. LOL. But holidays will still be intensive mugging for me, I wanna catch up on every syllabus. Actually I was thinking, can you imagine you keep studying until all the questions become too easy for you. Once you look at the question, everything triggers and you knew exactly what to write. Omg, I wanna have that kind of feeling. Like the genius feeling, and all these definitely needs practice. I'm gonna do it, yea my father told me not to overstress myself. Hopefully I wont, but I'm already quite pissed off with Differentiation. I get irritated when i'm going a worksheet and I'm already stuck at the first question. It's ugly to start off with the first question blank in the first place, and second place, first question is always the easiest, and to think you can't even pass the first question, forget about the rest of them right. LOL.

Oh ya, due to the bloody wet weather, Long Jump Finals is postponed from Thursday to Friday and postponed again to the next following Monday. Pfft, so sian la. Anyways, besides studying during the holidays, I wanna go swimming and practising my sprinting as well. I wanna exercise and break some sweat! Feels good to be sweating during PE on Wednesday. It was damn crazy and fun. We played volleyball, lost some touch but who cares right. And there was this point of time where the ball went too far, and I tried running to the ball with a stroke-like expression on my face to play pretend la. And I realised when I catch the ball, I'm infront of Ms Yoong, with that expression still on my face. LOL, that was a damn epic moment. And then I also impersonated Mr Soh, Coach, Ms Lim and Ms Tan during debriefs when we sat down to take a break. HAHAHA. I dont know what was wrong with me la, but it was damn fun for me. I even went to play captains ball with the rest, and I didnt even touch the ball for being the captain of my group. LOL.

I wanna go shopping. There's exta lessons tomorrow, I guess I'll bring extra money to buy gifts for the birthday babies this month for my friends. Pfft, I'm really going brokeee. I still havent bought my highwaist shorts damn it, I wont buy one until I found one that I really like. I saw a dress/shirt at the Urban newspaper today, it's damn nice and it's from Forever 21. My god, make me wanna shop there like mad chicken nugget. Was chatting with Eunice on my way home earlier, I wanna try going shopping alone. LOL, I havent tried that before, but it will be cool I think. Like you go shopping, nobody to influence your choice of what to buy, whatever you buy will be really your own fashion. I shall try that someday, really. HAHAHA, Eunice even tried watching movie alone! OMG, that is something I will never ever ever ever do alone. I rather not watch the movie, seriously. Can you imagine if there's a funny part, and I laughed extremely loudly. Normally me and my friends will just laugh it away, but if I'm alone, I can't possibly laugh to myself right. And I need someone to talk to. I think shopping alone will be very fast and easy, but making decisions wise will post quite a bit of difficulty.

I think this is all. I'll see if I can squeeze a post after Matthio's Birthday Party on Sunday okay? ^^ I microblog at twitter too.

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