Monday, September 20, 2010

Pray to god, he hears you.

I've got a really bad memory, can't really remember what's up for the past week. LOL, basically holidays are over, and it suck so damn much to think that the one week holidays are gone like a breeze. D: Anyway, I went to the Citizenship Ceremony on Saturday. The dress code was superb I tell you. No tshirt, no jeans, no sandals, no slippers, no highhells, no shorts. Basically, no normal wear. T.T And my father told us to wear School Uniforms. WOW, brilliant like shit. I was imagining, IF I wore school uniform....OMG I tell you. REALLY O-M-G. Cos there, none was in school uniform. On Friday, we three sisters was ransacking our closet for clothes to wear on Saturday. Yeah, so it's formal wear. We all decided to wear until damn nice. I wore a white dress, that has a zip half-way up. (No, not the one I wore for the "We Are The World" Performance.) And I just realised, I got alot of dress with zips :X LOL. Zips FTW. HAHAHA. And then I wore a purple outer coat. It looks nice overall la k! I shall post the photos some other time. LOL, so you guys gotta wait, and keep checking my posts regularly ok? HAHA.

Hey anyway, exams are coming. I can't afford the time to come online regularly, catch up with latest newsfeed and whatsover already. UNTIL EXAMS ARE OVER. LOL, which is about less than one month's time. :S Yes, I started revisions ^^ I spend alot of time glued to the computer once I touch the keyboard. HAHA, reason being. Once I go online, I check whose online, then I click IE, and the homepage is my blog, I check who tagged my blog, then I bloghopped to several blogs, then I go Facebook, and I check out the newsfeeds to see what I've missed out, then I check my notifications, and then I reply to my notifications, then I youtube lyrics and tumblr to see what nice statuses I can write, then MOST IMPORTANTLY, I stalk some people I hate. HAHA, k lame. But yea. LOL. Then I FINALLY reach blogger. HAHAHA, when I've got the time, I'll visit for new updates of Xiaxue's Guide to Life, ChickVSDick, Budget Barbie, NUMBnuts, FML, ROOM101 and whatever la. LOL. So before reaching blogger, I should be spending about two hours already. And now I spent 3hours on the computer, when I told myself I could only use it for an hour, and the rest of the time should be used to complete my assignments and do my Chemistry Revision D: DAMN IT. But since I've already wasted sometime, I should waste more. HAHAHA, just jokang! :P I should get going now la. LOL.

So I wont be updating as often D: You sad? I'm sad too. HAHAHA. But I should be using my finger typing muscles to write my notes. So TATA! ^^

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