Tuesday, September 14, 2010

/Tilt your head up to the sky.

Haven't been posting for a week I know. LOL, cos I love the Sentosa post so much I really want everyone who comes to my blog to read it. HAHAHA Spent the rest of my holidays studying in the library. Seriously, so hardworking right? HAHA, and I finished my homework. MUAHAHA, and i can't even find a single soul who finished it except me? I'm so damn proud of myself la!

Wednesday, stayed at home. Did my acelearning, er sucks? LOL. I got 4/10 for amaths and 13/20 for emaths. HAHA, but still I wanna show off. I tikam 5 questions for emaths, and got 3 consecutive corrects. Until the forth one was a disappointment la D:

Thursday, went to the library with Pantita and Chaoyi. Saw many people. When I didnt know how to do a question, I ask Pantita, I ask Chaoyi, then I ask Yingjie from far far away. HAHAHAHA, jump jump around :P stayed til quite late, but didnt manage to finish what i wanted to finish that day -- Amaths worksheet. WE GOT STUCK AT ALMOST ALL THE QUESTIONS LA. LOL.

Friday, went to Repulic Poly with Pantita. Damn many banglas -,- It was the first time I saw so many banglas in Singapore. I actually thought it was deepavali instead of Hari Raya. BANGLAS ARE GONNA CONQUER SINGAPORE MAN, NOOOOOOOO D: HAHAHA. Went home pretty late, alone somemore D: I hate the bus stop. Damn scary and I DONT LIKE IT! Pan and I had 7eleven's stuffs for lunch. Damn cool la, we had microwaved pasta, SUPER NICE ^^ and sandwich! I spent every single cent siah. LOL.

Saturday, went to the library with Xiaojun. I should say we really had a heart-to-heart talk. Havent been meeting up and chatting with her like this for very long, really long. For a moment I missed her alot la. But it's good la, at least now I know our friendship is still as strong as ever! ^^ We had fun too, just like all the time when we used to go out together! :D

Sunday, stayed at home. Was called to the library by Jiawei and Shuiyuan, but I kindly rejected. As they just needed my finished homeworks to copy D: And that's so bad.

Monday, went to take pay with Pantita after school. I'M RICHHHHH NOWWWWWWW! MUAHAHAHA, the smell of money is so good. I'm so rich that I lent $50 to my mum. HAHAHA. Btw, they changed their place from Outram Park to Clarke Quay which I think is ALOT better. Pan and I promised to give ourselves a good treat everytime we get our pay. HAHAHA, we're gonna make Xiaojun promise that as well. I CAN'T WAIT TO WORK AFTER EXAMS, I wanna work at hyatt. I miss CHEE MUN my god, and that cute fat chef. HAHAHA, he's funny la. Everytime bring me food also ^^ He even gave me a chef's hat! WOW, so good right! I miss the food there too, bloody hell nice. And the Guave Fruit Juice, remember Pan? HAHA, I LOVE IT! :D

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