Thursday, October 14, 2010

One two three;

YAYYYYYYY, finally exams are over. Actually I'm already in the exams-are-over mood yesterday, right after my biology paper. Phew, some papers really suck. I dont even remember, dont wanna remember also. :P Pantita, Sheela, Maria, Alicia, Jasmine, Emily and I had been going to Woodlands Mart and RP to study during the exam period. We plan to go studying once a week next year. I think it helps me ^^ But Woodlands Mart is far from my houseeee D: So, everything is still in the midst of discussion. HAHAHA, sounds so formal.

ANYWAY, I didnt feel any pressure or stress during the exam period. And I wouldn't say I studied alot for the examination D: SAD LA, but anyway, it's over. Who cares anyway, right right right? :D

Immediately after I stepped out of the examination room after our Amaths Paper 2, I jumped like a crazy woman, and smile like I dont know what and screamed a little. HAHAHA, I feel so good. Like even better than the day before. So I've made plans, many many plans. I'm gonna go out with Xiaojun, Pantita, Sunbucks, and my sisters, also with my parents to Malaysia. Got many many things to settle. And then holidays, there's intensive training, WDP Sports Day Event, WDP SC Camp, Overseas trip to FUJIAN, and soooooo on. I still wanna work as well $.$ Today, Pantita, Xintien, Siewming, Kianshen, Minghwee, Meilian, Tryphena, think that's all, went to Kasandra's house, which is Albert's house, which is also Chloe's house. LOLOL.

Started by playing the dumb dumb volleyball service game, wonder if that's the reason Kas got good skills. HAHAHA, then we played GUITAR HERO. Yea, I dont know how to play the drums nor the guitar. So I sang. HAHAHA, HELL YEA I SANG OK! Sang really soft la, cos shy ma. But afterwards, went bonkers and sang my hearts out like I'm in PartyWorld. HAHAHA. Then I tried the drums as well, and the guitar. I must admit I suck la, I have no musical talent D; So GUITAR HERO is so not my game. SOOOOOO, I went to play the big apple comp. Yes, I love their computer! The screen very big, and the keyboard very flat, and the mouse very weird and cute and funny and cool. K everything. Went to facebook, etc. Some tumblrs made me smile, ALOT. HAHA, cos what they say are so true. How fucking true, it actually made me happier to know that someone else actually feels the same way I do, sometimes. I'm not alone, together I stand, I'll be by my side I know I'll take my hands. K lame. HAHA, editted song by meeeeee ^^

Then went to find foood, fooood, foooooooood! That's what I like to do most at other people's house. :P And Bert cooked cup noodles for me and Xintien. Nice nice :D I went to play The Sims 3 afterwards, I chose a random family. Didnt know it was Albert's. Walau, I make his family so happy and lively and got income, jobs, and everything. And then the computer lag, and they said have to restart. At that time, they were bugging me to go play pool later on. And I told them, "Fix the comp, and I'll go." AND YES, ALBERT FIXED IT. OMGOMGOMG, first thing I do, I saved the game. HAHA.

In the meantime, Albert played with a blonde wig, and he look fucking chio! WTH. HAHAHA, like big eyes and small mouth. HAHA, one reason why he look good in the wig is cos he's botak la! LOLOLOL, it was damn funny. And then the guys did horny stuffs with GTA, T.T Make me pause my Sims game and watch. HAHA, quite interesting la :P Before we went pool-ing, my Sims game stopped at the Woohoo part. LOLOL, I saved the game ^^ Lucky Albert, his Sims family under my care, sure got good life one. LOLOL.

Pool afterwards, I hate waiting for my turn to play D: But Minghwee's Itouch kept me occupied for awhile. The IMPOSSIBLE game is irritating. Pfft. And then Pan, Xintien and I played the toilet roll game. LOL, super funny la. Play until our hands damn damn pain. HAHAHA, but fun. We almost broke the record can! And I learnt some horny facts at the Naughty Facts application. LOLOL. Chatted about sports shoes on our way home in the train, and the siao eh siao eh MRT video. HAHAHA, the auntie.

Home afterwards, fun day I had :D


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