Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm finally back in school! It feels great, but weird with my red specs, I stand out with the striking red. Gonna change it to black specs soon anyway since I'm gonna wear specs permanantly already ): I wanna have many many pairs of specs like Sezairi so I can wear different specs everyday. HAHAHA, k just joking. Anyway, first day in school wasnt that bad but I realised I gotta catch up on a lot of chapters. What I'm worrying most now is my physics and I missed one whole chapter of it. Stress la, test is next week. I have no idea how I'm gonna pass it.
Anyway, Hengteng is seriously gay. K no, it's BISEXUAL. LOL, he catwalked with Eunice's handbag and even flicked his hair. And sitting at the back row is so freaking fun that Mr Chong said I was a left brain retard. HAHA, wth. I just didnt get what he said, k nevermind, I was talking to Eunice. Nothing much nowadays, I cant online cos I was packed with homeworks homeworks and homeworks from the week that I missed. Oh yaaaaa, Hengteng kissed Kokhong three times yesterday. He looks so desperate laaa, when he could get the maths sum, he had to stroke Kokhong's chest to release his stress. LOL, and they hold hands all the time, and it's interlocking fingers kind of hold hands. Yuckkkks.
Had 2.4km mock test today, Volleyballers decided to run together. But of course we got separated at the third round. I was surprised I was the 10th girl to reach. I was running very slowly, my timing was 16min plus. Normally it would be 11-12min.
Anyway stayed back today after school to do up the notice board. K la fine, I didnt do the notice board. I was 'beautifying' the whiteboard. HAHAHA, I did up the posters as well and I swept the floor and rearranged the tables and chairs. Our class looked alot neater when I left the room to study in the canteen with Pantita and Patrick, as well as Runfa. Pan was so stuck in his compo, and during recess I was like making up introductions for them. HAHA, and it was so random and last minute. We were chatting alottttttt, TOO MUCH in fact. LOL, but it was so fun.
Board the bus alone and hongye told me to stop at WDP bus stop and he walked me to cwp and back home. Get well soon laaaa, your diarrhea is annoying me. Walking down steps need to walk like pweeencess. HAHA, damn funny la. Somemore cannot make you laugh cos you will feel like shitting. LOL. There's so much competitions and catching up for me to do, I cant find a date for your sushi. But you visit me during CNY luh, can play mahjong leh. HEHEHE.
Got home, changed and went out to meet Xiaojun and Hongye again. Board some foodstuffs at fairprice, and we were actually thinking of buying a watermelon. HAHA, and hongye suggested we karate chop it with our hand, if it breaks we'll buy it, and if it doesnt, it's spoiled and we still got to buy it. LOL. crap, we didnt do it in the end of course. Then walked past a guy who was wearing super sexy shorts and Hongye was singing a stupid song dedicated to him. LOL, edited from Hips Dont Lie. HAHA. Went to the back of Woodgrove Condo to eat chat and sing. Was abit creepy la, the plastic back keep flying everywhere. Then we decided to walk around the bungalow area. And guess who we saw?
We saw KIANSHEN and MINGHWEE. LOL, what a small world. I didnt know they slack around at that area also. And we were just randomly walking around. I was talking to hongye and xiaojun about the joleen sexy dance that Hengteng did that day and they wanted a demo. I was about to do a demo when a car drove past. HAHA, they saw me and was laughing like mad. But that's okay la, they dont know me anyway. BUT, when Xiaojun was about to do it.... LOL, kianshen and minghwee walked past. Luckily they never see anything. We were laughing like mad chickens la.
Chatted awhile with Kianshen and Minghwee and they headed off the other direction. We went into the bungalow area that goes in a circle. There were angmoh childrens playing there and we waved and said 'hi' to them. They're super friendly. We almost wanted to join in the game with them la, but turned out we destroyed part of it. All we did was walk round and round and round the same area. Hongye piggybacked me and ran, wth, damn scary la, but fun~ HAHA. The kids were playing ice and water, and when they freezed, we went to help them turn back into water. HAHA, k la, they were cheating. LOL.
Went home after awhile, just realised hongye hasn't been to my house yet. WAIT FOR CNY! :D
Someone please help me in physics.
I got a whole long list of homeworks and things to do, like buying my new year clothes.
Anw, our matches are going well eventhough we lost to CCHY. We still got into the second round, work hard guys. Top 4 and Ms Choo will cry. HAHA.

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