Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yayyyy, I think my eye is much much much much better now! BUTTTTTT, I still cant go to school tomorrow because of my stupid doctor. WTH MAN, I hate my doctors, SERIOUSLY HATE THEM. Fancy paying them big sums for lousy services. Talking about today really make me super angry, the doctor is super rough with me bloody eye. I mean, I know it's not his eye la, but he dont have to treat his patient like that even if he's in a hurry or something right. He's so rough that for an instance, I thought he's gonna rip off my right eye and I even showed signals that I dont want him to do it or something you know! SOMEONE PLEASE KILL HIM! He scrape my eye like it's a model eye and has no feelings, even if my eye isnt as sensitive as it is right now, I bet it will still hurt alot. You know it was so painful that I actually cried, even tears came out of my left eye. And he still have the bloody cheek to say, "It's like that one!"
GRRRRRRRR, feel like banging his wall on the machine man. Even if he had a plane to catch he could jolly well tell me first right! My mum and I waited for im for half and hour leh. I GO SUE HIM LA! (sounds familiar, lol. I think it used to be Zena's line.) Stupid doctor, talking about him makes my eye hurt. LOL.
Anw, I'm sooooo bored nowadays. Yes, I've finally started on homeworks. But I cant do many of them because I havent been taught ): Like amaths, I have no shitty idea how to do them. I did chinese, and wth, I did extra without even knowing it la, then I dont want do already. I think I will do revisions on advanced chapters on sciences to catch up with you guys. Hopefully I'll be back on Tuesday :D
Anw, I think some of you saw me in school on Friday. I went back to watch the NZ match against Yishun Sec after my doctor's appointment. I was so happy that my mother actually allow me to watch the match! HAHA, I realised I miss school ): Maybe cos the feeling that you're the only one at home now sucks. Cant sms, go online with noone to talk to, the feeling is terrible. I mean I got someone to turn to during this time, but it's not as good as having all my friends around me in school.
I think I really have low self-esteem or something la, I hate to go out when I look sick because I was afraid people would stare at me like I'm some weird people. I DONT LIKE IT, esp when people scrutinise me. I'll stare back next time, LOL.

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