Friday, June 5, 2009

This is so gonna be a long post.
I had fun this week, except training is abit boring.
Anyways, I'm starting from Monday.

As mentioned in the previous post,
I went to malaysia for dinner with my popo.
Ate at New Lucky,
the food is nice,
i especially love the fish.
It's nice!
haha, the vegetables also.
My popo is very happy that day,
and surprisingly, my cousin was not afraid of me like he usually would!
haha, had fun with them.
and i got to see my newborn cousin,
only one month old.
it's a she,
and she's cute.
when she cry, it's really like those kind of typical baby crying.
it goes "oowaaa! oowaaa!" haha, and i'm serious la.
we even played london bridge in the restaurant,
haha, but we booked the room la.
so there's no outsiders.
lol, then what you thinking huh?
free public performance har?

He's the one who should be afraid of me,
but anyways, he slimmed down and became more handsome.
hehe, he's cute.
His name is Alfred (uhem, if any volleyballers read this. LOL!).

haha, my mother suggested that she would bring us to the market for shopping of ingredients for the steamboat tonight.
haha, what a way to celebrate her birthday.
but i can see, she is happy.
because the house is crowded and it is usually not.
lol, it's rare celebrating birthday this way,
different. haha.
Met up with Yingjie, Yuping, Eunice and Jenny early in the morning to go to the market to buy fresh ingredients.
haha, it was fun.

The fish market.


Hmm, what are Eunice, Yuping and Yingjie doing?

Eww! Cutting the prawn feelers.
I did not even touch them.

These are the quail eggs.
i washed them :D
i also helped to remove the shells ok!
haha, they feel very soft and bouncy.
the texture very nice la, you trying buying 75eggs.
haha, then you go and wash after removing the shell.
it feels damn nice.

at the table in the canteen!
we all sat together!
i bet the SCs and NCCs are jealous,
shuiyuan tried to camouflage.
haha, kelly should lend him her extension!
the SCs also competed cheer and the team strength with us.
my sister and i were like steady ace, ace, ace, non-stop.
lol, cool!

Our music rocks, (i was the 'DJ' LOL!)
especially the blue monday.
i actually press accidentally one.
then it goes like, boom boom boomboomboomboom.
haha, i was apologising profusely and laughing at the same time.
then suddenly my sister go dancing like a chicken with the head popping in and out.
haha, then all of us starting dancing. woo!
haha, the sec ones should learn from us and have fun!

haha, there's so much food.
but surprisingly, i ate only two bowls.
i should be eating more than anyone else.
lol! I eat alot i mean.
but i was so engrossed with the music thingy.
haha, so funny.
The music player got ALOT of songs,
but all old songs. lol! -,-

My mother's birthday cake,

Haha, xinlerk, brother, mummy and sister.
my brother rarely smile like that!
ACT CUTE! haha.

Had Gym training,
it was quite okay actually.
we finished way before time.
and so we get to have early lunch and longer rest!

haha, spent our time playing TRUTH or DARE before training started.
walau, i get hit alot of times la.
then all i choose dare la.
then got one is i have to run up to the stage, show them part of my underwear, and shout out the colour of my underwear.
haha, it was quite easy,
except they keep saying they cannot hear whatever.
haha, you cant imagine me doing it right,
because volleyballers damn close, anyhow touch nehneh also can. haha.
then got another dare for me is to pull out a strand of hair then is palm size from everyone in the hall except those playing.
i pulled hannah's, tingfang's, trudie's (longest! haha.), and meiting, the rest anyhow la.
haha, then meiting was sleeping you know.
i was like laughing softly.
i quickly choose a stray hair that is long enough and pluck it out of its wits.
haha, she just tossed around and continued sleeping,
never even open her eyes l0!
haha, damn funny.

other dares:
-make anyone in this hall angry (me)
-unbuckle 3 persons' bra, in the hall (alison)
-collect 5 rubberbands from anyone in the hall (xinlerk)
-climb up the ladder at the back of the hall and do the gorrila style, shouting 'oleh oleh oooo!' (xinlerk)
-collect any three kneeguards from anyone in the hall and cover your breast with it (xinlerk)
i got the photos, but cant show you, nehninehnipoopoo.
-collect any 3 shoes from anyone in the hall and throw it towards the piano. (yanni)
-touch anyone's breast (yingjie)
-persuade one person in this hall to be your pole, and you have to pole dance it and kiss her forehead. (chaoxin)

hmm still got alot more, but i forget alr.
but it was fun, probably my most fun truth or dare played.
training after that, then home.

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