Monday, June 1, 2009

Haha, i'm on the extreme right.
dont look like me right, i cut my hair and it is now very fizzy.
you will see that i can only tie a few strands of my hair in school.
nothing much these few days,
but i cant stop ranting about the movie.
it was so damn nice,
rasyidah do you hear me?
and rasyidah create a word called 'jiaho' to scold people.
lol, she say it's from the song 'Jai Ho' by Pussycat Dolls.
walau, anyhow leh she.
anyways, went to my grandparents' house yesterday.
today is Aunt Irene's birthday,
Happy Birthday!
We went home super late because of her.
haha, waiting for her to cut her cake but she didn't turn up for a long time.
so called her, and we waited for her until about 9pm.
we normally go home at 8.30pm.
i dont know la, but i find the 30mins very long,
haha, then i got super restless.
finally she came, and we ate the cake.
the cake is so sweet,
super sweet.
hmm, then went home.
slept very late,
at around 1am?
eyebags are coming, shit!
going to malaysia now to eat dinner with my Popo.
she is going back to hometown soon,
so bye!

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