Sunday, June 21, 2009

Had gym training in the morning,
then lunch at S11.
after that headed to Greenridge Secondary School for friendly match.
Met with everyone else at Admiralty Mrt Station at 12.30pm.
Won all the matches, and juniors won one lost one.
Not so bad guys,
you played with Greenridge sec twos, it's ok to lose.
And losing is definitely a sign to improving :D
Just continue working hard ok?
I'm so happy to see that some of you are eager to be in the main 6.

when i went to school today,
i saw a group of basketball girls from Kranji Secondary.
I saw this super duper familiar hairstyle that never changed.
NABILAH! Gosh, i saw her in our school.
she came for a friendly game with our basketballers.
she never changed, except her height.
guess that she's taller than me now.
I'm so damn happy to see her.
After gym and lunch,
we took mrt to chua chu kang,
and we saw her again.

We, volleyballers, occupied one full cabin of the mrt.
Wow, cool right? HA!

Tiffany, Alison (her severely sunburned face. LOL!), Shueli, Jenny, Belinda and Siewming (act shy!)

Went over to Chaoxin's house,
mrt-ed to sembawang shopping centre to buy the materials for something :D
Met with Alison and Tiffany,
was considering the price and everything.
Saw Kelly, Shueli and Shunyi.
Lol, so coincidence loh!
Then ate and went to Alison's house to start 'work'.
We did until quite late,
and i phoned my mum to tell her i'm staying overnight.
So, stayed overnight at chaoxin's house after we're done with some 'stuffs'.
showered, played card games and went to sleep.
damn the freaking hot weather lah,
so damn hot until i sleep also can sweat.
Havent completed our 'work' yet,
will get back together again tomorrow or the day after to finish it up.

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