Thursday, June 18, 2009

OUTING WITH CLASSMATES, not class outing.
Met up at B&S at 9.00am,
Xiaojun, Alison and I went to Fairprice to buy plastic utensils and drinks.
Total was about $20 dollars.
Went back to B&S, everyone came.
And guess what, everyone = 9 people.
LOL! Rasyidah, Zena, Farhan, Esther, Alison, Xiaojun, Shafiq, Dillon and Me.
And we bought 50 paper plates, wth.
haha, nevermind, can save it for the next outing.
I told everyone to wear blue, okay, rasyidah told them but i suggested.
But many did not have blue, and i told them to wear green.
and many turned up with green shirt. Lol.

Set off to Sentosa.
Took the mrt to dhobygaut, then to habourfront.
then took the monorail to Sentosa at Vivocity.
Before that, an angmoh came to us.
Angmoh: Excuse me, may i know where to take the monorail?
Alison: At the top level.
Angmoh: oh, okay. Thank you very much!
Zena: (went to her and stop her) Do you think I'm pretty?
Angmoh: Oh, I think you're beautiful.
Zena: Really? (went to hug her)
Farhan: Sorry, my friend is (points to his forehead)
Angmoh: Oh no, i think she is marvellous.
haha, took the monorail.
Paid $3 each for the entrance fee.

We took this at Dhobygaut.
Alison, me, Rasyidah, Zena, Xiaojun.

Alison, me, Rasyidah, Xiaojun, Zena, Farhan, Dillon.

Alison and Zena.

Farhan, stranger and Shafiq.

This is an exhibit i saw at the National Geographic in Vivocity.
It is interesting, this thing is made from wood, all wood!

In the monorail, heading to SENTOSA!
Farhan, Dillon, Shafiq.
In the tram to the Siloso Beach.
Luckily we didn't go to Pelawan Beach, the queue was super long!

Rasyidah, Zena, Esther.

Zena and her sexy pose.
It'll look better if she's in bikini, agree anyone?

Pitching the tent to put our things inside.
haha, farhan and i went to ask someone which i dont know who whether we could pitch a tent.
then he told us to ask the lifeguard.
And he allowed :D

Rasyidah is stuck in the sand. haha.
Dillon and Shafiq poured water in it.
Wow, the scenery behind her looks nice.
I'm a good photographer :D
Farhan, Zena, Shafiq, Dillon.

We sat under these palm trees.
Zena, Shafiq, Rasyidah, Dillon, Farhan.
I suggested this pose, I'm a good photographer :D

Went into the sea and was tossed around by the waves.
it was fun to be tossed around.
haha, although it hurts a little la.
haha, we were all waiting for waves.
haha, the dare was fun.
Dares for farhan:
-Ask the group of boys to say hi to us.
-Go into the sea and sing BABA BLACK SHEEP
Dares for Zena:
-Ask the group of boys "Am I your type?" and make them say yes,
once they say yes, give a ring (which we found in the sea) to them.
Dare for me:
-Ask someone if they got pubic hair -,-, if they say yes, say "Oh, really?!"
Played with the waves somemore,
once a boat at the deep sea, far far away crosses the sea,
about 30s later, big waves will start rushing in.
One after another.
We loved the feeling of being tossed around by the waves so much that,
when esther told us to go shower,
we delayed for one hour.
hahaha, finally we had 5 more mins left.
esther was counting you know, every seconds!
LOL, she is so serious.
Waiting in the toilet to shower.
Alison went to wash her hair in the open shower.
and she did silly hairstyles.
this is one of the hairstyles she did. LOL.

Waiting in the toilet to shower.
Zena and Rasyidah.
Xiaojun, Esther, Rasyidah, Zena, Alison.
Farhan, Shafuq and Dillon.
I'm the photographer.
Rasyidah, Farhan, Shafiq, Zena, Dillon, Me, Xiaojun, Alison.
At dhobygaut station.
Ate at Vivocity and then shop around at the CANDY EMPIRE.
I will really go crazy if i stay one second longer in that shop,
i dont know what to buy.
This or that, omg.
There are so many varieties of chocolates and candies.
Finally, i bought a dark and milk chocolate.
Went home with Xiaojun and Alison.

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