Friday, June 26, 2009

Woah, this week is super busy.
All the photos should explain it all.
I'm gonna go from Tuesday to Thursday

Went over to chaoxin's house,
quickly finish up our work that had to be done by today.
Actually, all those work are: sewing.
We had to sew a doll for our graduating seniors.
Wednesday is the farewell party.
Chaoxin and I decided we'll do a dress up doll for Qianwen.
Lol, it turned out quite well.
I got frustrated alot of times,
Alison also sensed alot of 'tensions' between Chaoxin and I.
Lol, finally all the works are done.
Look at the mess!
You'll know how hard we tried sewing that doll.
Lol, and the doll is being tossed on the floor.
HAHA, because chaoxin sit so far from me,
then i had to throw to her when she needed it,
and she had to throw it to me when i needed it. Lol.
So, that's explains it.

Right guys, this is it.
All our hard works of preparing for the performance and stuffs.
We are gonna be the AGOGO Princesses!
haha, got to school early with makeup sets,
etc to do our hair and makeups.

Kelly and Xueli

Yuping and Kelly



Yingjie, emofreakish-eye. LOL.

Alison - Mamasang

Yeap, and that us, the AGOGO GANG.
Eunice, Yuping, Jenny,Chaoxin, Xueli, Jiajing, Kelly, Alison, Me, Yingjie&Shunyi.
Went to a classroom to get ourselves ready.
We got to perform first. :D
Right, here goes.
haha, our performance was really well done.
Good job guys,
CORRECTION: Princesses.
Lol, after the performance was our speech to our seniors.
Chaoxin and I almost succeeded in making Qianwen cry!
Damn, haha.
Followed up is performance by the Sec 3s.
They did a slideshow of photos and sang THE CLIMB.
It was quite nice as they entered the rooms with candles.
romantic~ Lol.
then they passed it to each graduating seniors.
Next is performance from the graduating seniors to us.
They sang two songs, which we all sang along.
Hero and 朋友.
I like the chinese song, I used to sing it when i was little.
It's nice.

Then is giving out gifts to the seniors,
coach gave each of them a drawing of themselves which she drew herself!
You will never believe coach actually has talent in art.
Lol, i mean, uhm, surprising.
The drawings are damn nice.

Jody Qianwen




All of them!
Mr Soh, Yvonne, Qianwen, Jingyee, Weeteng, Wanyi, Joanne
The Sec 3s.
Trudie, Cassandra, Xinlerk, Yanni, Meiting, Tiffany, Tingfang and Jessica
Lol, after that we took many photos.
and Eunice went around putting on lipstick and kissed all the seniors.
haha except the lucky joanne.
Lol, I got kissed too!
It's like a kissing time for everyone.
Lol, it's super fun. :D
I love it!

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