Thursday, April 9, 2009

Many activities this week, i think.
I had homecon test and volleyball 'test' today.
I was bugging tiffanny they all to give me the 'answers'.
haha, but volleyball based on skills, got what answers?
Lol, i was like,
must tell me the MCQs and the structured questions hor.

Cooked pizza for homecon,
xiaojun and i was rushing home after school to take our stuffs.
lol, then the taxi driver so funny.
thankyou xiaojun very much today,
she helped me alot.
i was the last to finish my pizza,
because i turned the temperature wrongly!
It is when i went over to jane's to check out hers then i realise lo.
haha, then skills grading for volleyball.
My service was okay, but spiking.
haha, worked so hard still this kind of result.
Ofform today.
Yingjie, if you think you think you can cry if you get low marks for spiking,
then i think i should jump down the building.
because i trained so long, and this is my result.
I dont give up, nobody gives up, so you dont give up.
You got the whole team behind you, fear no more.

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