Friday, April 3, 2009


I love the weather, just like this.

Day 1
Assembled in the hall, and we were separated into our teams.
Egypt, together with some other groups, boys&girls, formed Cluster 8.
Cluster 7&8 formed a Super Cluster, RESILIENCE.
Our student leader was Hidayah, Eika and Suphian (spelling error).
Had bag check and regretted not bringing my handphone,
because they didnt really check, just touch touch here and there.
Moved on after a while and headed to the Labrador Adventure Centre.
The Centre looked like a school,
it has a hall, a canteen, the bunks looked like classrooms,
there is also a parade square, field and basketball court.
The place is quite big.
Went to our bunk, Bunk 13 and settled down.
Pantita and I chose the beds nearest to the door at the bottom.
Then the leaders of the groups had to run and pass the 'torch'.
On my left was maria, and my right is runfa.
Maria walked over and passed to me, nobody ran.
Haha, and i passed to runfa, covering the body of the torch with my hand, leaving runfa no choice but to hold the flame.
haha, super funny.
Ate our lunch and went to the Stadium for sports carnival activities.
The journey was very long.
We tried out some YOG,
played fencing, soccer, javeline and floorball.
The fencing was nice, but i like javeline.
We came in second in it.
Many instructors asked if i am xinlerk's sister.
Played under the hot sun and was really tired and boring.
Especially the soccer, because you know how girls play soccer, dont you.
haha, not counting rasyidah, because she is a freak in soccer.
finally, after many hours of torture in the sun, we went back.
Had shower, then dinner.
then some teambonding games, and practisings for the campfire night the next day.
the boys ar, tsktsk.
Disappoint us man, we learnt so many cheers.
The bimbo cheer, the dynamite cheer, the chao kuay tiao cheer, the pumping cheer, and many others la.
They're nice and creative, our team likes THE BIMBO CHEER!
and the sexy dynamite, we edited and put a sexy action at the end of it.
By the time sleeping time came, we were all sweating like mad alr.
Haha, super sticky and not nice.
The night didnt last long, and the day came along.

Day 2
Was woken up by the guys downstairs,
they were so noisy!
They had to wake up at 4.00am+ because they have activities planned for them.
And the girls outside was like, talking to them loudly?
i was so pissed off man, i shouted for them to shutup.
in the end, it was no use, because i cant go back to sleep anymore.
Damn those freaks.
Washed up and assembled in the canteen.
ate nasi lemak and milo.
played somemore YOG,
archery, sepak takraw, kabadi and handball.
archery is damn cool!
I was so scared at first, and i totally missed the board.
then after the second time i tried it,
i felt that i'm so stupid.
So stupid to be afraid, get it?!
Then sepak takraw,
it is so hard to play.
but we won all the games.
I love it, i totally dashed across to pull the tag.
Haha, but it was only during the last few games until i realised the tactic to it.
The first, lost ):
Haha, but it's a good start.
I missed the game so damn much, i last play it when i was in primary 6!
I loved it, and we won all the games.
I was not listening to the instructions very clearly, as some of you know,
i am actually playing with my stone.
haha, i wanna make the surface smooth,
okay, this is so dumb, but it's fun!
next come lunch :D
Then practising on our cheer.
Then telematch in our super clusters,
we will be in super clusters, playing against each other, cluster 7&8.
First was water bomb!
Not so fun, because we lost.
haha, but i love getting wet :D
then pass it on.
we have to get a cup and pass the water from one cup to another, with our mouth biting onto the cup.
It had to be girls and boys alternatively.
Haha, it was funny.
Sophian was infront of me, and chaoyi was behind me.
I was so afraid that he would topple the disgusting misture of soda drink with grass and whatever stuff inside on me.
Haha, but i was clean la.
he bend down so low, then make me need to go down lower.
then i poured to chaoyi, successfully.
next is connecting four,
i think that's all.
We are sure to rock the campfire like a hurricane!
Our cheer was praised,
we had the awesome cheer,
something like the sup sup oi one.
But we goes awesome; awesome; awesomely sexy, and macho.
haha, our group is damn bitchy.
It was great, some of the graduating students came.
but resilience was separated,
and we was not able to cooperate very well.
Then finally, after many complains.
They shifted us together.
I dont see why they didnt do it in the first place.
then some cheers and all that.
We rocked like hell man!
I mean our last cheer,
guided by eyan.
i loved it.
Haha, while we were doing the macho cheer, the fire suddenly became big,
like *boom, and added to the atmosphere.
Damn nice :D
Whatanabei rocks.

Was woken up by the councillors.
washed up and packed our stuffs as we are going home afterwards.
did some reflections, cheers, games.
then clearing up.
our group was assigned to clear up the bunks.
it is easy,
but i dont see why the councillors were not satisfied with our work.
whatever, then assembled in the hall.
Pantita, irene and eyan was stung by a bee.
Pantita cried, it looked painful.
and chaoyi, david and hafiz was playing the rubberband thing.
haha, self torturing.
They made brotherhood marks?
I dont know la, but the shooting of pantita's rubberband made a huge mark on their arms.
they said it's painful, the skin even come out lo.
I told them some ghost stories on the bus,
but damn it,
they say it's lame.
haha, i think only the doraemon one is lame,
the others is supposed to be scary!
Reached the school, and it started drizzling.
Haha, what nice timing, after the camp is over :D
Ate lunch,
and home sweet home (:

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