Friday, April 17, 2009

Was unable to blog this few days because of the tons of homeworks given.
Tuesday was my father's and max's birthday!
i stayed up late on monday to do a video for my father,
and in the end he cant open it.
damn, now i have to find out what's wrong.
hopefully, my father return me my phone.
can you believe it?
i survived 2 weeks without handphone alr,
except sometimes i use it secretly.
but can you still believe it?
it is actually quite good la,
because this way my bill wont burst,
but my hands will itchy one ma.

Had 2.4km mass run yesterday,
came in 8th, i'm happy, but at the same time disappointed.
haha, dont care la.
let's stay happy.

helped out for the upper secondary mass run today,
just after Mr Keng announced they started,
we started to stand-by.
then got people shouting that they coming alr!
went to check it out,
and see many green people jumping up and down,
then more, and more.
the first guy was fast.
in fact all the guys were.
because once the first guy reach, everyone else reached as well.
this made it busy for the recorders,
i was the recorder for 3-6 and 4-6.
i made a few mistakes.
got one guy even corrected me.
gosh, haha.
and another guy drank my water,
i dont even know him.

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