Sunday, October 12, 2008

Went shopping at AMKhub with chaoxin ytd.
I thought it was gonna be bored, with only the 2 of us.
but it's not okay!
Needed to buy shoes,
checked out a lot of stores.
I found one i liked.
but then the colour i dont like.
then got one i like, colour also i like.
but price i dont like.
in the end i dont want to buy alr.
so looked around for chaoxin's shoes instead.
after buy alrd then look for shirts.
bought one grey colour one.

Aiya, spent alot of money la.
eventhough i only bought a highlighter and a shirt.
i eat alot.
at first eat lunch at subway, teriyaki chicken.
then fried vegi w/crabstick.
then a stick of candy.
then wanted to eat rotiprata,
but no seats.
so went to eat icefrost.

after very long,
walked until i so tired.
we went back.
cut my hair then go home.

YEAH! Tmr got training.
I cant wait!

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