Friday, October 10, 2008

Woke up at 7.30 in the morning,
tied my hair,
watched tv,
ate breakfast, tomyum cupnoodle :D
I pleaded my mum to buy it for me ytd.
then received a call from chaoxin,
gonna meet her under my block.
wore my mother's sports shoe,
i dont think she knew.
then walked to the stadium with chaoxin.
Yuping, Jiajing and Eunice were already thr.
Chatted for some while,
Alison came along,
then yingjie and kelly.
it's always the same few of us in the team turning up for activities we planned,
i hope there'll be improvements babesss :D
then chaoxin and i ran.
but run one round only i cannot continue
cos the tomyum noodle in my stomach like washing machine like that
keep turning and turning.
so we stopped at the monkey bars.
did some 'suntanning?'
then continued to run one more round
altgt: run only 2 rounds -,-

then we were deciding whr to go next.
for very long,
and finally we decided to buy our lunch on the way to eunice's house,
then head for her house to rollerblade and basketballing

i rollerbladed,
and it was so STUPID!
we rollerbladed at the unused parking lot.
luckily i fell only once,
better than jiajing,
fell twice.
dont know who, i forgot.
told me to go over the slope then i fell,
landed on my butt.
so painful.
then kelly say got insect,
i rolled away on the floor.
got one time i want to take the candies on the floor.
i bent over like what like that,
almost ended doing split.
then we decided to go upstairs and join yingjie they all basketballing
but we not enough hand to take the stuffs up.
so took the lift and called them.
it was so hard getting into the lift with the rollerblade okay.
you go try yourself.
need to go over the slope, which i cant.
as i keep rolling backwards instead -.-
so i go over the curb.
then when going down the slope i almost banged into the wall.
but never la.

then basketballing.
checked out the BBQ pit.
then headed to eunice's house.
discussed about the BBQ.
yingjie and kelly dont know discussing what,
dont wanna tell us.
so secretive horrrr.
played 'the sims' on eunice's laptop.
did something super duper hornyyyyyy
{jiajing kelly yingjie know what i meannnn}
it was so cool anyway.
i was so addicted to the sims that i dont wanna go home,
neither do i want to leave the comp alone.
but in the end still have to go home la.
the the kelly go search what advertisements.
so funny.
went home,
so happy to have me comp back la.
it's as good as new.

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