Friday, October 17, 2008


our class is too united man,
all were so disappointed upon knowing that our class would be separated into 2.
haha, but it wasn't really that bad.
my group went with Ms Shidah, B3.
or how we changed it to A1.
Right, cant have recess as canteen is closed.
so went on an empty stomach to the waterhub.
sat with rasyidah.
you'al might have guessed the consequences,
we two were fighting.
normal lah, right.
and Ms Shidah & Mdm Diana was so nice not to disturb us,
not even once:D
Ate lollipop,
and scared rasyidah while she was resting, listening to her music.

Reached the waterhub.
then i quickly bite my lollipop;D
Runfa want the leftovers.
our group went first to the 3rd floor,
if i rmbered it correctly.
and the uncle pushing the trolley was so not nice.
he pushed all those buffet food past us,
made us even hungrier.
never even stop to let us imagine the taste.
then next the 4th floor[?]
Matthio asked alot of qns to the lady,
luckily she had answers to all of them.
and in the end, he said,
"Okay lo, you win lo."
was really disgusted by the way the lady said the men used their hands to wash the shittybuckets.
imagine you wipe your shit with your hand.
or rather,
washing other people's shit.

then went to the floor whr there is an uncle.
they said he kept looking at Asyura?
after every station,
we kept running into the other half of our class.
then to the Auditorium.
sorry yingjie for taking your rightful seat :DDDDD
(that is if you know what i mean)
i wasnt really listening,
except the part whr that man asked which washing machine is better.
the rest of the time,
i was observing the spiderweb,
looking at runfa sleeping[sleeping beast]
and trying not to sleep?

went back after that.
the people behind us was nagging because of the noise level?
reached school,
was the first to reach school,
how sucky is that.
while others can enjoy more of the time in the bus and waterhub.
as long as they're not in the school,
they're better off than us.
did reflections,
and got back our geography paper.
I'll post the marks when i got ALL the papers back.

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