Thursday, December 22, 2016

In the name of love

Hola people!!! I am currently typing this on the plane on my way to Bangkok cos I just had coffee and my seat is uncomfortable as hell so there's no way I'm falling asleep. Well, as promised (that I will start blogging more frequently now), here's another post about how much fun I've been having this holidays before I cramp everything in one entry and it ends up being too long and hard to digest like my previous post HAHA. The month of December is barely coming close to an end (like cmon, X'mas and New Years aren't even here yet) and I'm already having so much fun!!! Of course, fun is very subjective and everyone have fun in their own ways. So here's my kind of fun!!!

First week of December was all about Zoukout and I am a sucker for music festivals. I love the crowd, the atmosphere, the music, the air and everything about music festivals. It's always so hyped and crazy and I had so much fun!!! Prior to Zoukout I must admit I was pretty damn stressed about getting my tickets and all because previous years my friends and I have always managed to get free tickets and every year it's always a maybe whether we will be able to get them for free or not. This year was no different, but as always, everything turned out well in the end!!! First day of Zoukout was spent with just Maria and I chilling with lotsa champagne and vodka at the VIP tent. The crowd was manageable and it was relatively easier to find my friends and hang out with them for a bit. Of course, Marz and I had to head to the dancefloor for Hardwell and we joined James and Badai right at the very front. It was soooo crazy!!! We just made friends with everyone who were dancing like mad to every song and it was really so much fun.

VIP tent chilling with Marzie

Yes those are confetti in my cleavage LOL

How sweet of Badai to give up his bandana for me, and then bring an extra bandana for me on the second day cos he knows I'll ask for it HAHA

For all the drinks I consumed and the amount of energy I spent dancing like mad to every single Hardwell songs, I suffered major hangover the next day but nothing's gonna stop me from partying as hard (or even harder) for day 2 of Zoukout!!! Day 2 had a sick line up and we practically can't leave the dancefloor from 10pm onwards when Alan Walker starts spinning, cos Wiwek is next, then it's Zedd then Martin Garrix. But we missed most of Alan Walker cos we were stuck outside the entrance waiting for our tickets that was stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam at the Sentosa gateway. It was still fun even outside Zoukout LOL while Cynthia and I were just high and annoying everyone else with our nonsensical chattering as usual. We managed to squeeze through the insane crowd to somewhere sort of the front throughout Zedd and the plan was to stay there and get ready for Martin Garrix but of course...Xintien had to faint at such a sick timing HAHAHA. I'm kidding. I'm anemic as well and most prone to fainting in the family so I completely understood how Xintien was feeling. It was quite suffocating in such a crowded place as well and she probably didn't get enough air. Thank god for strong muscular Prince Charming Badai who was with us to carry her out of the crowd after she blacked out. Along the way many people thought she got dead drunk and all, but well I figured there was no point explaining cos I would have assumed the same for anyone who blacked out at a music festival HAHA. So just a clarification, no she didn't drink much and she wasn't drunk, she's just anemic. So after all that mess, we sat behind the crowd at a corner just chilling and enjoying Martin Garrix's set. I was fine just sitting outside, it's my second time seeing him anyway but daaaaaamn his set was sickkkkkk. It's ok, family first!!! HAHA 

Sunday the next day was spent recovering from the insane weekend we had and both Xintien and I just skipped our visit to gramps place without even knowing we were supposed to visit them that day for dinner LOL.

Following few days for me was just intensive track and volleyball trainings and now it's Thursday and I'm on a plane to Bangkok till 21 December!!! I cannot wait to see my best friend, Pantita, there omg. Maybe I should do a blog entry about our friendship and dig out all the old photos of us. Hahaha omg that will actually be so interesting because we've been friends since primary school??? I should also remember to put a warning that I looked like shit many years back LOL. I'll find time to do it someday but probably not this month because my next entry will probably be on my entire Bangkok trip, and then there's X'mas shopping, X'mas Eve party and X'mas party on the day itself, and then there's New Years party omg WHERE GOT TIME!!! HAHA also not forgetting that in between all those days of fun, my semester results will be in and I also have to worry about bidding for my modules next semester and finally deciding if I wish to do Honor's year or not, and emailing companies to rush them for my job application results. Damn...I do have a lot of things to settle. I may not mention all of these on my social media but I AM A BUSY INDEPENDENT WOMAN OK!!! I wonder if I'll still be having fun like this when I finally enter the working world in the following years to come. Hmm ok no point worrying about the future, I should live in the "now". 

I'll end my blog entry here. Look out for my next entry on my exciting Bangkok trip to reunite with my best friend and party till I drop all over again HAHA.

(Also, re-reading everything, I realise I sounded so excited in this entry LOL IDK WHY but i'll just leave it)

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