Friday, September 4, 2009

Haha, i was trying to make my eyes damn big, but obviously failed la. haha, and ended up looking damn ugly.

I'm so excited, but bit of stress. Haha, because the holidays are finally here after waiting for what seems like a thousand years. haha, and stres because of the holidays as well, haha, i will feel damn guilty if i go out too often. But at the same time i will feel damn weird if i keep staying at home, i must at least go to Xiaojun's house lo. Haha.

Anyway, nothing much these few days. Just that Maths lessons are getting more fun than ever, haha. We were all damn excited about answering questions, and when the answer is finally right, we will give alot of nonsensical excuses to make it wrong, and in the end noone gets the point. Haha, and today, alot of people dont understand chapter 10, then matthio keep volunteering to teach so that he will get 50pts for our group. Haha, then in the end, i say i dont understand, damn lots of people volunteered to teach me. Then Ms Joyce say she teach me, but i must give all my groups pts to her, haha, then i say i understand alr. Lol. SUPER FUN!

And in the next literature lesson, we are going to present our work. Haha, my group is doing the skit, and rasyidah made me Anne and made me do so many silly things. Like asking me to bark like a dog -,- Haha, then i made a giant cigarette for Rasyidah as she is hitler, and she had to torture me with it. Lol, i make the cigarette damn nice ok. Haha.

Btw, juniors had friendly match ytd with Chung Cheng High Yishun. Was waiting to welcome them to our school and lead them to the hall. Haha, then played with the hopscotch. Never really played before, but i roughly know how to play. Haha, then i tried to jump from the first box to the last with only one leg standing (like a flamingo), but failed la. Haha, and they finally came. Led them to the hall. Helped flipped the score board for the first game, then ref-ed the second game. There are a few balls i wasnt sure if it was in or out, then i look opp at Pantita and Trudie, they say in then in lo, out then out. Then aiya, the cchy people, what siah. Nevermind, must bear with it. Since having the position as vice cap, i've put up with so many nonsence. (but none of you seem to see how hard i'm trying, except chaoxin. That explains why we're so close.) So this is just a small one i can handle. :D

Yup, so problem's gonna be settled because the spamming nonsense is none of my business.

Lesson for all:
Dont judge with your instinct when you know it's inaccurate.

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