Friday, May 1, 2009

Many things happened this week,
all those pictures could prove it all i guess.
heading to rasyidah's house,
i booked the laptop!
haha, i wanna play THE SIMS!

That's shafiq, dillon and rasyidah.
They are crazy~

Haha, that's raziq running away!

The whole gang of us.
(from top left)Farhan, Rasyidah, Dillon, Max.
Me, Sharleen, Shafiq, Zena and Alison.
Raziq, haha.
Eyan took the photo for us.

went to rasyidah's house,
the sims rock.
the rabbit game suck.
and i like the song that goes:
what does it spell?
haha, it rhymes.

to sakae sushi.

Amelia and Xiaojun

Food! the whole line is full of food!

Haha, the frozen strawberry in Xiaojun's mouth.

22 plates altogether.

Haha, we took all the wasabi bottle and put them together.

haha, i dont know how many bottles we took.

we played with the wasabi bottles.
and amelia played with her 'bitch'.
haha, she say peach as bitch,
then the waiter so stunned.
we even placed plates of food that we cant finish back on the line.
went to rasyidah's house again.
ate popcorn, haha.
played the sims!
my sim moved into farhan's house.
we married.
haha, fun!

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