Saturday, August 8, 2009

currently at Xiaojun's house, we did childish things that got her new room up in a mess. Haha, but not gonna tell you what we did. Lol, finished my English information report just now, hopefully Ms Low stop being biased and accept the rest of the class's work. She is so irritating.

Hmm, yesterday was the NDP celebration in school. I like the parade, and chaoyi stand until like wanna fight like that. Haha, but it was cool la. Everyone was dressed in red to school, even Mrs Kok, lol. And after that we had the second part of our celebrations and it is conducted in class. We had to do the shoe design and Jane's and my group's design were chosen, but my group was just the substitute.

Our design is an eye, which means one Singapore one vision and Jane's group design was a sun, which give out light and warmth and guide us. We put in a lot of effort doing the eye and i sat on something sticky. So i took off my culottes and wore my fbt to work on it. Rasyidah and I were using the black shoelaces as the eyelashes, and plastic bags as the pupa. Lol, I was begging Ms Shidah and Mdm Soh to choose our design because obviously ours have more effort. And the other group finished within about 5 minutes? So in the end, the two groups were summoned and yay, our group's was chosen. I was very happy because I was the one who thought of the design of an eye, at first a wanted a mouth, which means one singapore one voice. And Rasyidah rejected the idea so I chose another organ on the face, haha, the eye! Haha, and I think Ms Shidah chose Jane's design because their write-up was good.

So we were deciding how we wanna do the pupa, whether to use shoes or plastic bags. but we do not have enough shoes, so we used plastic bags for the black part of the eye and crushed white A4 paper for the white part. I liked the crushing of paper part, because many people helped us with it, they were very helpful! We had very little time, but we still managed to finish everything within the time limit. Yay, Haha. I was really happy. Then the photographers came to the class to take a photo of our masterpiece!

Then we had the last part of our NDP celebration. It's the community singing. I was really high, they even gave us flags to play. Lol, i was waving my flag frantically and shouting and screaming. Shicheng and Sufei got abit irritated i think. Haha, it was fun. We all sang along and our class even stood up and hold hands to sing. Woohoo! And Mr Jack Chong, you rocks man. Your singing is so damn good. haha, i thought your were lip singing to the tape at first. haha. It was fun and i enjoyed the celebration very much. And, oh, get well soon Gabby!

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