Thursday, March 22, 2012

But I can't ask you to give what you already gave.

Hi boyfriend <3 HAHAHAHA, I'm a happy girl because I got to meet him twice this week on consecutive days. But that's totally necessary because he's going to malaysia on Friday to Monday! AHHHH, so I'm gonna be left alone to rot with my pathetic phone that's not gonna ring for at least 3 days. D: Anyway, it's so hard to get him to take pictures with me nowadays. BABY YOU'RE HOT AND YOU'RE COLD YOU'RE YES AND YOU'RE NO! One period of time he's bugging me that he wanna take photos and the next moment I'm the one bugging him. Pfft. HAHAHA can't blame him tho. Cos somehow it makes every photo we take so precious. Btw, who deletes photos frequently? I really encourage everyone to keep ALL photos, even if they are blur. (unless you have multiple shots of the same thing and you just wanna keep a copy of the nicer one.) Because even blur photos have memories. I once read an article about this person who also encourages everyone to keep all photos that are taken. She even showed a blur photo which was taken by accident, but she was able to write a whole story about that photo. Some people might say some things can be kept as a memory in your head, but well. 10 years down the road, you'll have no evidence to whatever you say and describe.

 Done with GP Project finally!
Eunice, Wan Fen, Vivian, Me, Pranilla and Ayesha.
I really love my GP group! Everyone of them are so sporting and fun to be with. And yes, I love how my class in JC are so small which makes it really easy to bond. AND OHHHH, talking about class. My chinese class was initially really small cos it only consists of those chinese students in my class which is about 10 of us I think. Then all of a sudden this other class came to join us cos their teacher went for maternity leave. NOTE: THEIR CLASS JOINED OUR CLASS. So they're like the guest, and surely guests should have some basic courtesy and manners rightttt? And of course we as the host, SUPPOSEDLY, have the right to chase annoying guests out of our home class. FUCK THAT CLASS, whatever that class is. Firstly, they're damn rude to our chinese teacher (Mrs Ma) and I swear she's damn nice. She never gets angry and in her years of teaching, she never scolded any student before. Secondly, they let their phone ring in class. Thirdly, they want US to go to their classroom for chinese lesson. And in case you have no idea how rude that is, our classroom is on the first floor while theirs is on the third. NOT SECOND, BUT THIRD! Fuck you if you want me to climb 4 flights of stairs to your fucking classroom that has a fucking cctv in it. And just cos your class outnumbers my class doesn't give you all the rights. We and Mrs Ma could have left you on the lurch to rot and die and let you fail and chinese and trust me, noone actually gives a fuck, but WE DID. ASSHOLES. I swear my patience is wearing out, and one day I'll blow. In fact not me alone, WE WILL. Gosh, yes I'm that angry.
Notice how Vivian look so much fatter and chubbier than me, and I finally know the reason why after staring for so long... Rather reluctant to say this, but it's cos I have big mouth D:
We are desperados for big eyes.
HAHAHAHAHAHA VIVIAN'S HEAD LOOK LIKE DABIAN. Ok let's not talk about shit, cos don't get me started on Human Centipede all over again. LOL, that day I was eating chicken rice, and Vivian just tweeted me all of a sudden saying she lao sai (had diarrhea) and she want me to IMAGINE how gross it will be for the next person behind her in a human centipede chain. Nice one V, I exposed you.
It was supposed to look as tho I'm sucking her head, but how fail. LOL
Awkward hands.
Awfully retarded, but HAHAHA, who cares lah.


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